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Male Masturbation Toys in India – 8 Things you Need to Know!

Masturbation toys for men

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if men could experience pleasure very close to the real-life ‘(sex)perience’ or maybe even more than that, all by themselves? It’s a widely known fact that on an average, men masturbate more than women, and while a lot of women are yet to find their way to sexual liberation and pleasure, most men have already reached there. We are all for self-pleasure and masturbation and we believe it’s an integral part of our sexual health and well-being. It’s not only us, even science has vouched for it – research indicates that regular masturbation is important for men’s health. Studies have also shown that masturbation or self-pleasure reduces pain and stress and boosts the immune system, and metabolism. It also has a positive impact on cardiovascular health. Moreover, regular masturbation has been linked with a reduced risk of prostate cancer, due to reasons unknown. Masturbation does affect mental and physical health, but we must not forget its effects on relationships. Some may believe that using sex toys or masturbating can cause more harm than good to your relationship – research tells us otherwise. Masturbating and experimenting with sex toys can help boost your self-esteem, improve your performance in bed, and most importantly – help you understand your body, what you enjoy and find pleasurable and what you don’t.

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While men are at it, and it may seem great as it is, we believe it can get better! Your hands do a great job, no doubt, but using sex toys can take your experience and pleasure to another level. If you have no prior experience with using sex toys for masturbation or are clueless about what they are or how they work, we’ve got your back!

Male masturbation toys provide pleasure to the penis owner – they’re an ideal choice if you are a hand-user, looking for something else and maybe something more. While some toys do provide an experience close to the real thing, some provide a ‘different’ experience which can be equally pleasurable, if not more. Although your hands already may be doing an amazing job, sex toys are a great way to explore sensations and pleasure that is impossible to create physically without some kind of technology!

Here are 8 things you need to know about male masturbation toys:

    1. Are sex toys really a rarity in India?
      While taboos around sex and masturbation persist in India, it is also the land of sexual pleasure and experimentation and has its very own teachings on desire and pleasure – The Kamasutra. Masturbation is far from a novel concept in India – about 99.45 % of men and 82% of women reported to have masturbated at least once. Moreover, 1 in 4 men masturbate at least once a day! If you are embarrassed about being the ‘odd’ one for wanting to try out sex toys for masturbation, Don’t be! Statistics show that about 85% of the Indian participants expressed interest in using sex toys for masturbation.
      Now that you have (hopefully) dropped your inhibitions about using sex toys, you may be wondering ‘can I find masturbation cups or fleshlights in India?’ FYI, the Indian sex toy market is valued at $91 million as of 2020. So, it’s pretty evident that you can find sex toys in India. Shop for premium, body safe sex toys at Manzuri, at the comfort of your home!
    2. They come in all shapes, sizes and cater to all the right spots
      You may think that women have a wide variety to choose from – be it clothing, hairstyles, footwear, skincare, or even makeup, this belief usually also extends to sex toys. You may be under the impression that women have a variety of sex toys to pleasure them – dildos, vibrators, wireless vibrating eggs, and clitoris suction toys – and you are right to think so, there are many toys available for women. However, the variety of sex toys for men is equally wide, if not more! Be it fleshlights that give a feel as close to the real experience, or a thrusting masturbation cup that comes with various settings and preferences to meet your needs, men have the finest toys at their disposal.
      So if you have been planning to buy a toy for yourself, but dropped the plan because ‘are there sex toys for men?’ or ‘will I find the right toy for me?’, we assure you that there is a toy in the market for every zone of your body that needs to be pleasured! Here’s where you can find an unmatched variety of male masturbation toys.
    3. Fleshlights – The gendered counterpart to a ‘dildo’
      As the name suggests, ‘fleshlights’ are pretty close to ‘flashlights’ when it comes to their appearance, and just like a flashlight, they too guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel, in this case of sexual wellness and at the end of which lies plenty orgasms! The top part of it is shaped like a vulva and has an opening wherein you insert your penis, the insides of the fleshlight have various textures to stimulate the penis. They are made to feel like ‘flesh’ from the inside, adding to the stimulation. Moreover, fleshlights offer a variety of toys – fleshlight girls, based on pornstars’ vulvas, be it Angela White or Tori Black. If you are looking for something to enhance your stamina, STU fleshlights are your go-to, specifically designed for people suffering from premature ejaculation. The variety of collections, discreet ‘flashlight’ exterior, and the real feel of a vulva and vagina make it a great toy to use anytime, anywhere! Check out some of the best fleshlights for beginners here!
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      Male Masturbation toy Fleshlight Go
    4. Masturbation Cups and Mini Dolls
      Masturbation cups are designed as cups on the outside and have textures on the inside. Some masturbation cups also provide sound effects to enhance your experience and make it as authentic and real as possible. They are discreet and easy to carry along when traveling! If you are a sucker for visuals, masturbation cups also come in the form of a life-like mini doll.
      Mini Doll Male Masturbation Cup
    5. Tenga Egg – Economical and easy
      The Tenga egg has built its customer base with consistent quality products. Although it does not have a wide array of toys, and it looks like an egg, you’d be surprised to find out how well it works. It does provide three different internal structures to enhance your experience. If you are looking for an all-in-one option to travel with, or for a sneak session, this is the best pick. It is compact, discreet (shaped like an egg), disposable, economical (One of the cheapest masturbation toys for men), and stretchable – accommodates all sizes, yet provides a snug fit, and to top it all, it includes a water-based lube! Next time you go out on a trip -just carry this egg and your pleasure is guaranteed! It’s the epitome of the phrase ‘great things come in small packages!
      Tenga Egg Male Masturbation toy
    6. Anal, Oral, Vaginal Masturbator
      If you prefer sensations just like the real thing, there are masturbating toys for that as well! Be it blowjobs, vaginal penetration, or anal sex, you will find a toy for each of the sensations on the market! These specialized masturbators create sensations very similar to that of an anus, mouth, and a vagina with different textures and materials.
      Anal Masturbator
    7. Automatic Male Masturbation Toys
      Want to go completely hands-free and just enjoy the moment? Automatic toys are made just for that! All you need to do is set them up on a flat, plain surface, at a suitable angle and position yourself comfortably and bask in the pleasure! Automatic male masturbators are handsfree and are designed to perform suction or to thrust all by themselves, some even have an inbuilt auditory stimulation to make your experience close to the real deal!
      Automatic Male Masturbator
    8. TLC for you and your toy (Lubes and Clean up)
      Like all valuable things need to be cared for, the same applies to you, your genitalia and your partner in all things amazing – your sex toys! There are 2 things that can ensure you stay away from STIs and a painful experience. Putting on a condom before you toss yourself off, can avoid infections (which can be caused if the toy is not properly cleaned, or is a breeding ground for bacteria, or is used by multiple people) and, it can make your post masturbation clean-up super easy! Lubes are your best friend in all sexual activities – be it partnered sex or solo play! Incorporating a lube compatible with your sex toy will not only prevent chaffing and discomfort but it will also enhance your experience. Here’s All you need to know about Lube!
      As for your toys, proper cleaning and hygienic storage are a must to make sure that your toys remain safe and durable throughout their life span! We would suggest washing them with a gentle antibacterial and water after every use, wiping with a towel, letting them air dry, and storing them in a breathable cotton/jute bag. Additionally, you can also wash it before every use for extra safety! Here’s A Guide to Cleaning and Storing every kind of Sex Toy!
      Now that you know all about male masturbators and how to care for them, it’s time you browse through the variety of toys and choose the right fit for yourself! Check out some of the best male masturbation toys here! Happy Shopping!



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