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The complete guide to chastity cages for beginners

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It is not often that you hear about buying chastity cages online in India.  Does that imply that chastity play or devices are off-limits in our nation? In our opinion, nope. There is undoubtedly a sex-positive, freaky community that provides support to the newly initiated, and it is clearly expanding. But regardless of whether you’ve never worn a chastity cage or are an expert at chastity play, we would like to help.

You’re interested in learning how to measure your weewee because the internet measurements are incomprehensible to you. We have your back. You might be looking up, though, how do I clean chastity devices online? Look nowhere else. How can you have a great time in it, you ask? We’ll go into more detail on how to do that, of course. Is using one harmful to your health? We have a thorough guide for all of this right here if you get my drift.  The greatest toy, the chastity cage for men is now available, allowing you to embrace your inner sub (or dom, if you’re buying it for your partner!) in a way that is fun, thrilling, and safe.

What is a chastity cage?

A chastity device is one of the kinds of male masturbation toys where the penis of the wearer is “locked” inside a male chastity cage. Since it prohibits the wearer from achieving a full erection, they must wait for their keyholder’s approval before engaging in any sexual activity, including masturbation. Chastity belts literally enclose the wearer’s penis, therefore it’s crucial to make sure you know how to use them correctly and remove them swiftly if necessary. You might wind up in the hospital if you don’t.

The goal of male chastity is to enjoy and embrace the path to climax. Always do your research before selecting a restraint device; confirm that the male chastity device is safe and that it is made by a reputed brand.

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What are the uses of a chastity device in India?

Although there are many benefits to having a penis cage, the biggest one is that it will strengthen your bond with your partner and increase intimacy.

  • It takes a lot of confidence and faith in your partner to give them control over the freedom of your penis. Additionally, it strengthens relationship bonds by creating a special dependency in which your partner controls when to release your penis for penetrative sex.
  • Romanticism in a relationship can also be increased by using a penile cage. Couples who have been together for a long time will inevitably grow tired of having sex. In order to make your time in bed more unpredictable and exciting, it is a great idea to employ the proper cock cage to introduce something new and unique.
  • Delaying an orgasm increases the desire for sex while sharpening their attention. There probably won’t be anything to aspire to as long so that they can have sex with you whenever they wish. There is little to no motivation to win your favour. Limiting your partner’s desire for sex, however, gives them a role model. It seems like a celebration of being liberated at last. Consider it a method to rejuvenate so you can return and delight your lover with newfound enthusiasm.
  • Finally, using a penile cage raises the stakes for couples that enjoy switching between the dominant and submissive roles. The master in a dom/sub relationship chooses when the sub is free to engage in oral or penetrative sex. The sub, on the other hand, relishes the boldness and unpredictable nature of their master.

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What should you know before you buy a chastity cage?

Before selecting the tone of these sex toys for men you want to use, think about the following:

  1. Penis sizes

Measure the penis’ size both when it is fully erected and when it is flaccid. When talking about a real cage, both dimensions are crucial.

  1. Scrotal circumference

Make careful to take a measurement of the size of your balls as well. You don’t want to feel uneasy!

  1. Are you going to wear the cage all day?

If so, what options do you have for clothing that will fit both your member and the actual cock cage?

  1. Level of toleration for sexual stimulation

Avoid pushing yourself. Begin slowly! Start with brief periods for beginners since they will need to develop their tolerance. Wear the male chastity device for a few hours at a time; gradually extend the time you wear it, and you should be able to wear it for several days.

How to measure for a chastity cage?

While your penis is flaccid, gauge its length and width. Note down these measurements. Afterward, determine the circumference from beneath your ball sack to over the base of your penis. The circumference can be measured with a piece of string. Once you’ve got these measurements down, repeat the process but this time with an erect penis.

Before committing to purchase when looking for a penis cage, make sure to review the company’s sizing chart.

Safety and aftercare of chastity cages

What are the different ways of maintaining good hygiene when using a chastity cage?

  1. Men in chastity must have a clean, chafe-free penis.

With or without the gadget, urination should not be an issue. To monitor the penis’ health and make sure any accumulated dried fluids are safely eliminated, periodic supervised discharges are required. Fortunately, not only is this simple, but it also gives your keyholder a great chance to control you.

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  1. Steel serves as the main line of defense.

Your first line of defense for all hygiene needs is the stainless steel material of any penile cage.

Nothing penetrates the metal surface of the cage, even if bodily fluids dry on it, making a recently cleaned cage considerably less likely to transfer any sickness or infection.

  1. Urinating when sitting

Some penile cages contain urethral openings that are sufficiently large to provide trouble-free urination. However, as every owner of a penis cage is aware, alignments can occasionally change. It is therefore advisable to urinate when sitting down and wearing your cage. This makes urinating a part of learning to be chaste. It is innately submissive to change a lifetime convenience like standing to urinate. This is especially true for people whose keyholder has feminized them. If you experience dispersed spray, be ready to wipe it up with toilet paper.

  1. Taking a shower or bath

Some chastity cages allow regular bathing and showering, which is completely acceptable. When bathing, apply soap toward the end to avoid letting the unclean water mixture linger in the cage for an extended period of time. We advise using a thin liquid soap to effectively clean and penetrate if you want to be extra sure everything inside is clean. When you take a shower or bath with your keyholder, they have a great chance to torment you viciously!

  1. The drying process

It’s crucial to dry a caged penis once it’s been wet. To dry as much of your body as possible, use a towel, washcloth, or paper tissue. Most of the time, any remaining moisture in your clothing will be removed by your body heat. Careful usage of a hairdryer can be beneficial if you’re in a rush or really wet. If there is a low setting, use it; otherwise, don’t let it get too close. Avoid learning the hard way how much faster and longer stainless steel holds heat than your body! You probably won’t be able to brand yourself in this manner, but don’t be the first to discover this!

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  1. Chafing

The biggest safety concern when utilizing any “trapped ball” chastity system is that a snug retainer ring is necessary for security but may occasionally cause chafing. Chafing is a form of injury caused by poorly fitting shoes that are treated in the same way as a blister: through prevention, reduction, and restorative care. To reduce the chance of chafing, the best chastity cages have retainers with rounded edges. To help prevent or treat any source of discomfort in that area, there are a number of things you may do. When you first put the gadget on, rubbing a few drops of mineral, baby, or preferable olive oil can be quite beneficial.

  1. Healing

Later, if you experience a hot zone or tight spot, you can subtly alter yourself to prevent things from getting worse. You can increase the mineral oil in private. You will require a supervised release if you fail to identify the issue location in time and develop a painful chafe.

Before replacing your cage, apply talcum powder or baby powder to the damaged area and let it heal. As much as possible should be done to “air out” the affected area. You and your keyholder should ideally come to an agreement because healing could take many hours or perhaps overnight. Menthol is present in several talcum powders. These offer quick cooling relief, but they most likely have no impact on healing duration. After the wound has healed, keep the area moisturized and inspect it frequently.

Bonus tips for long-term and professional chastity cage users!

Deep cleaning is an essential part of any sex toy kit or BDSM product or BDSM kits. Deep cleaning is suggested for persons in long-term chastity or for professional dominants who employ cages during client appointments. It involves the following four steps:

  1. Completely disassemble the device: Remove the ring, cage, spacer, and pin.
  2. Spray or submerge all components in denatured alcohol that is 70% or higher than the hand sanitizer concentration, then let it evaporate.
  3. For a few minutes, place the components in a pot of boiling water. Allow to cool, or use tongs to remove.
  4. You can exercise restraint while cleaning; have your keyholder tie your arms behind your back and take advantage of the opportunity for some sexual denial and teasing. 

To conclude…

Different cock cages offer varying levels of security and access. This implies that you are occasionally allowed to enjoy a small reward without being let free. The majority of cages are made to completely inhibit erections, while others feature unique urethral plugs to offer that extra sensation. Some of the riskiest cages even have wires installed so that your companion can shock you with electricity. To select the ideal cage, talk to your partner about your shared passions.

You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision about acquiring and maintaining your first chastity cage after giving the aforementioned considerations some serious attention.

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