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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Sex Toys in Pune


Gone are the days when we had to search for hours and go looking for shops in disguise to get access to pleasure. Now you have an abundance of options at your fingertips. And while things may not be as hard (no pun intended) as before, they are certainly not the easiest.

The Sex Toys scenario in India

India is still home to taboos and myths, despite being the land of Kamasutra! We all have faced judgemental stares and wide-eyed looks on even talking about ‘sex’ and ‘pleasure’. I’m sure you can imagine how society and in most unfortunate cases, even your family will shame you for being spotted anywhere near a sexy lingerie shop, or even worse – a sex toy shop!

However, there’s still time before that nightmare turns into reality because India barely has any offline sex toy stores, especially authorized and safe, established stores. Most of the sex toy stores that you can find offline operate discreetly and don’t have a dedicated space to provide you with the options that you need. The Indian sex toy market is wide, yet most of it operates without legal authorization or under wraps.

As people began to learn more about sex and sexuality, they became more open-minded and sex-positive. The once shamed-upon concept of sex and pleasure is now becoming a necessary part of sexual and mental health and wellness, leading to a rise in the demand for adult toys in India. And thanks to technology, we now have plenty of online sex toy stores in India! The Indian sex toy market was recently valued at $91.34 Million and is expected to reach $122.96 billion by 2026!

Our Story

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If you have been following us diligently, then you must be aware of the challenges we had to face to ensure that the pleasure you deserve can reach you. Yes, we are talking about sex education and sex toys (it’s a great combination, isn’t it?), and how Manzuri carved the way to make an inclusive space for spreading awareness about sexuality, consent, the orgasm gap, and normalizing pleasure and sex! Being the first sex education startup in India, we had to think of a tool strong enough to liberate women, and people across all genders to explore their sexual urges and desires and be pleased with themselves. Nothing could be better, more powerful, and at the same time, more enjoyable and pleasurable than sex toys! And so after months of research, and hard work we set up our online shop!

We were initially based in Delhi, and while we can’t complain about the Delhi folks, we had to move to Pune because of the growing demand for sex toys in Pune. While the shift may have been a bit of a ride, it was definitely worth it!

Pune – the progressive city

Those of you who know about Pune, know that Pune is one of the more progressive cities in India and is a hotspot of open-minded people. Which explains why it is one of the hottest markets for sex toys in India and the rapid increase in demand for sex toys in Pune to such an extent, that we had to shift our base!

Being progressive, Pune is also one of the most inclusive cities in India, showing a wide acceptance of the LGBTQ community, gender equality, and awareness about the orgasm gap! One of the reasons for the rising demand for sex toys is the increasing awareness about sex among the youth, the realization of the importance of pleasure, orgasms in relationships, and body positivity, and the sex-positive attitude among people across all genders. Most of our customers include college-going people, couples, and queer folks!

If you are a Punekar and are looking for sex toys, you have ample options, and if you are not from Pune, we have something for you too, read on!

Buying sex toys in Pune (and across India)

Like we just said, if you are in search of pleasure, we’ll guide you to it – be it in Pune or elsewhere! We get how difficult it can be to find a reliable seller and moreover, the right variety of toys for you to choose from! Sex toys can fall under the higher end of the price range, and while they may not be as affordable as a quick snack or a cup of coffee, with a little bit of saving you can find the perfect toy worth the investment! Picking the right toy is another dilemma, and let’s leave that for later. For now let us show you how and where to buy sex toys in Pune, and across India!

There are two types of markets, as we mentioned earlier – online and offline, each has its list of pros and cons. You can make your pick based on your priority, needs, and requirements!

Where to find offline markets?

Finding an offline store for sex toys in Pune or in India is not as easy as you think. There are a couple of reasons for the same. While there is no general ban on sex toys as such, there is a ban on items that classify as ‘obscene’. So, sex toys have to be sold discreetly, and you may find many dingy shops or stalls that sell sex toys under the guise of ‘massagers’ so keep an eye out for that if you insist on shopping offline!

  • Pros and Cons
    An offline market does have an advantage over the online market when it comes to examining the quality, feel, and material of the toy in person. However, that would be great if we could have the variety, safety, and premium quality of most online sex toys set up in an offline store. Another advantage of offline stores is that there is a relatively lower risk of cybercrime since the transactions are usually through cash and your bank details are not revealed. As for the cons, most of us might have to keep a steady eye on the passersby and ensure that our relatives or neighbours don’t spot us in the ‘forbidden’ area/store. And when you do manage to avoid any unwanted attention, you must also ensure that the products you buy are of premium quality and body safe.

Where to buy sex toys online?

Finding sex toys online is an experience quite contradictory to buying sex toys offline, you can certainly browse through various e-commerce websites within minutes, for the latter, you may not find a sex toy store on every street and may have to spend time traveling and searching for them. Many e-commerce websites sell sex toys in Pune and ship across the country as well.

  • Pros and cons
    It is quite easy to buy adult toys online and that too, a variety of them! Online stores offer a wide variety of sex toys for women, men, and queer folks and give you a range of sensations to add to your sex lives. Not only are online sex toys more accessible, but they are also discreet – nobody can know that you are browsing through a long list of sex toys while sitting on your couch, or that the brown package that just arrived contains a bundle of pleasure. You don’t have to worry about being spotted at a sex toy shop and most online sex toy stores have discreet packaging (Manzuri is one of them) and if not, you can always ask them to do so! While online platforms do expose you to the risks of cybercrimes and scams, if you choose trusted, legal shops with secure payment options and SSL security, you don’t need to worry!Manzuri’s happiness checklistMoreover, most trusted and reliable online sex toy stores have premium quality sex toys and even offer a replacement or refund in case of any issues. Most of them also list the materials used in the toys to help you check for any allergens. One major advantage of online stores is that there is no salesperson that urges you to buy a specific product or influences your choice, you can even browse through the entire shop and just exit (although that might be difficult) without any guilt! Online shopping allows you to take your time, do your research and then order what suits you best. Although it does take a few days for your parcel to reach you (even with express shipping), once it does, you will agree that it’s definitely worth the wait!

While both markets have their pros and cons. We do hope we can get equal access to the same range and quality of toys offline in the near future! Until then, online markets are far ahead of offline markets. If you too agree and need more help choosing the right toy from the right online store, fret not, here’s something for you – Read: How To Buy Sex Toys Online: A Step by Step Guide. If you are looking for premium quality and safe sex toys to buy online, stop looking and visit Manzuri now!

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