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Best Queer Friendly Sex Toys for Couples


It can be annoying for queer individuals to go through websites and shops of sex toys online only to find toys marketed using exclusionary language, or having heteronormative imagery, leaning toward their straight friends. We get you, you deserve a whole section of your own (more on that later)! It can be quite a task to scan through a load of toys only to stumble upon one average toy. While you may feel like giving up on sex toys, hold on! Bringing sex toys into your sex life can enhance your pleasure and how! The right sex toys, that cater to your communities and identities can make you feel all the sexier and help you explore the varied dimensions of your sexuality! And while society may discriminate, sex toys don’t, they are always ready to serve you with pleasure!

Here are 5 sex toys for LGBTQ couples:

  1. Anal plugs

Since (almost) everyone has an anus, this sex toy caters to all couples! The anus has a collection of nerve endings, making it a sensitive pleasurable zone. It is even on the list of erogenous zones and can turn you on like a light switch if anal play is your thing! You can use butt plugs in a variety of plays, challenge your partner to keep it in for your dinner date, use it as a warm-up for deeper anal penetration, or try out sensation play! Get creative and explore new ways to have fun with anal butt plugs. Remember three things –  they should have a flared base, use a lot of lube, and start with the smallest size if you are a beginner! Anal plugs come in various shapes and sizes, some are even textured to heighten the sensations. Here are a couple of our picks to anal play more fun:

Manzuri Crystal Anal Plug

This pretty anal plug comes in 3 sizes – Small, Medium, and Large, and is perfect for everyone, from those who are trying out anal play for the first time, to the experts looking to add another promising toy to their collection. Made of stainless steel, this toy is body-safe and can even allow you to play with the temperature – pop it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes and enjoy anal play like never before!

Vibrating Anal Butt Plug

This vibrating anal plug provides double sensations – one with its beaded design and the other with its vibrations! This is suited to send waves of pleasure to your prostate or your a-spot and the beaded texture stimulates the anal opening on insertion as well as removal.

  1. Prostate Massagers

This one is for penis owners, and people with prostates. Prostate massagers are versatile as they stimulate the anus as well as the p-spot (one of the lesser-known erogenous zones) and open the doors to a whole new world of pleasure! Do you think you’ve had the best orgasm of your life already? Wait till you use a prostate massager! Here are some of our picks:

Manzuri Prostate Massager #3 – Remote Controlled

Manzuri Prostate Massager #4 – Remote Controlled

These remote-controlled prostate massagers are a crowd favorite. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also very convenient to travel with and maintain. Rechargeable by USB you can charge them up wherever you want without compromising on pleasure! Both of these designs have wireless remote controls, making it all the more fun to play with your p-spot. Be it the bathtub, the shower, the pool, or being bold on the beach, you can use Manzuri Prostate massager #4 anywhere, owing to its waterproof design! Moreover, both toys are made of body-safe silicone and have a comfortable design!

LOVENSE Edge 2 smart Prostate Massager

If you are looking for something premium to shower your partner with love, or just to reward yourself, this smart prostate massager is one of the best pleasure-providing sex toys for couples as well as for solo play! It has dual vibrators to massage all the right spots and have you craving for more. And it allows you to get creative with its app-controlled design, wherein you can create patterns of vibrations!

Manzuri Prostate Massager #2

This is exactly what you need, to add some spice to your sex life! Use this with your partner and explore pleasure together, that too within a budget! The beaded design adds to the stimulation, and the vibrations target both – your testicles and prostate!

  1. Strap on Dildos

Strap-on dildos allow you to experience penetration on the other side. Who said they are not for penis owners? Hollow strap-ons are made specifically for them to enhance pleasure for both parties! Strap-on dildos are one of the couple sex toys you must own – whether it is to spice things up, explore your sexuality, engage in role-play, or just add more pleasure to your sex life!

Optimus Prime – Sold Strap on Vibrating Dildo Massager

This one is for those who don’t have a penis and comes with an adjustable, comfortable, and soft harness. With a realistic, curved, penis-shaped dildo, this one will hit all the sweet spots. Paired with lube and even a condom (for extra safety) your partner and you are in for some great fun, play with different positions – be it pegging (Read: Your guide to pegging, using a dildo) vaginal penetration, anal penetration, this dildo will not fail to serve you!

Black Swan – The premium strap-on dildo

This hollow dildo comes with a chic elasticated harness, making it easy and comfortable to wear for penis owners. Moreover, its vibrating design sends waves of pleasure over the penis and to the person being penetrated. Be it anal penetration or vaginal penetration, this remote-controlled dildo is sure to stimulate your p-spot, a-spot, or g-spot! Double the fun, at the price of one!

  1. Bondage & BDSM

BDSM products are versatile, fun, and queer-friendly! Explore the world of control and power with BDSM products!

Fifty Shades of Pink – Bondage Kit for couples

This kit has all you need to begin your BDSM journey. This faux-leather bondage kit comes in 2 options – 7 piece set and 8 pieces set and includes wrists cuffs, ankle cuffs, a breathable ball gag, bondage rope, leash, collar, eye mask/blindfold, and a flogger whip.

Premium Red Handcuffs – Faux Leather

These premium leather cuffs made with faux leather can spice up your sex lives! You can use it all by itself for bondage, and if you and your partner are looking for something more, you can add in other sex toys such as a vibrator, and tease them till their back is arched and they are begging for more!

  1. Vibrators

Vibrators are versatile and will titillate all the erogenous zones, you just have to be creative! Be it nipple play, rimming, massaging the testicles, relaxing the back, or stimulating the clitoris. It does it all without any gender discrimination! With a variety of vibrators in the sex toy market, we’ve picked our favorite in three categories – remote-controlled, app-controlled, and the multifunctional rabbit vibrator!

Manzuri’s Eggcellent Wireless Vibrating Egg

This silicone bullet vibrator has all that you need to push your partner over the edge. With 10 vibration settings, you and your partner can explore the varying intensities of pleasure. Moreover, this has a silent design, as long as you can keep your moans down (which is doubtful), you can enjoy a hush-hush sex session.

Madonna – The Long Distance Wireless Vibrator

If you and your partner are struggling because of a long-distance relationship, and need to spice up your sex lives, you should try this app-controlled wireless vibrator! It can be used by anyone and everyone, even when you are miles away from your lover. Don’t let the distance get in the way of your shared pleasure!

You must be knowing about the magic that a rabbit vibrator creates – blended orgasms! Read Top 10 Rabbit Vibrators in India to make the right choice!

Now that you know about the best LGBTQ sex toys, there’s just one more thing you need to know – How To Take Care of Your Sex Toys? Go through our special queer-friendly category to find LGBTQ sex toys online! Happy Shopping!

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