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Sex is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Throwing in a couple of sex toys in the mix. Of course, fingers, mouths, and genitals can go far, but vibrators, sex toys, and other exciting accessories like bondage can open up new doors and avenues to Orgasm town—and, sex experts agree. “Toys are a great asset to increase arousal,” says Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist. “It’s kind of like, lacking, using pleasure products with your partner shows that you’re open to exploration and adventure. In fact, shopping for a toy together can even count as foreplay. To help you and your significant other come — or, rather, cum — together, we’ve chosen a selection of our favorite couples’ toys and included selections to help all bodies get off. “Sex toys do things humans cannot,” agrees Epiphora, a blogger who has been reviewing sex toys professionally for over a decade. “Humans don’t vibrate; humans don’t have penises made of stainless steel.” But that also doesn’t mean that toys are a replacement for, or a threat to, human relationships. Even if you use a fancy stand mixer while baking a cake, you’re still the one who baked that cake—and by the same token, the pleasure and fun of using a sex toy with a partner are often more about the partner than the toy.

As humans, we love novelty—and that includes our sex lives. There’s value in trying something new that you haven’t done before. “Our bodies are incredible vehicles for pleasure, but we can’t expect our bodies to do everything all the time, so sometimes it can be really nice to give our bodies a little bit of help and a break so we can experience pleasure without having to do all the hard work.”

On top of that, exploring new things in the bedroom, whether new positions or new toys, open up conversation between you and your partner about your sex life and what you both desire. It can be very intimate and help you two deepen your emotional and sexual connection. Incorporating toys can also help you find new ways that you (and your partner) can experience pleasure and reach new limits. They allow for different kinds of sexual experiences and make taking each other to new limits a lot more accessible. And, of course, if one or both partners is dealing with any sexual dysfunction, whether it’s lowered libido, erectile dysfunction, or pain during penetration, adding toys into the mix can make both partners very happy. They take the focus away from penetration being the star of sex and bring the focus back to what’s really important—which is all of the fun, pleasurable sensations, and just the adventure of being sexual together

You must be wondering, all this talk about sex toys but where to find them. Here at Manzuri. Duh. We are a Pune- Based company that offers legally sourced, body-safe sex toys. They will be delivered to you with the utmost discretion. Our lips are sealed.

Types of sex toys for couples:

A classic vibrator can actually be an excellent sex toy for couples. When wielded in the hands of a partner (as opposed to one’s own hand), the sensations of a vibrator touching your body can actually feel very different and even more powerful.

Wearables are any sex toys that a person wears on their bodies during a sexual act with a partner, hence why they’re considered couple sex toys. Wearables include toys that are worn on or around the penis, such as cock rings, as well as toys that are inserted into the vagina alongside a partner’s penis.

Bluetooth toys:
In a long-distance relationship? No problem! You and your partner can still enjoy excellent long-distance sex toys to help spice up your phone sex sessions. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, sometimes you can’t physically be together when you want to be intimate, which is where remote-controlled or app-controlled vibrators come in handy. And even if you aren’t long-distance, you might just find controlling your partner’s sex toy with an app from afar is something you two enjoy anyway.

From sex pillows to oil candles to anal accessories, there are lots of bedroom additions you can consider outside of just a classic couple’s sex toy. Open your mind and peep at the following creative sex accessories.

Fingers inserting an open melon

How to introduce sex toys into your relationship?

When trying anything new, you always want to “put a toe in the water rather than jumping straight into the deep end.”

So if this is all new to you, start small with a bullet vibe, or even a blindfold, and see how it feels. No need to rush to the sex store and buy everything in sight!

If you’re interested in exploring sex toys and want to bring it up to your partner, you don’t want them to think you’re unhappy with their performance or your sex life. To the best of your ability, reassure your partner this isn’t about the deficit. It’s about increasing sexual pleasure opportunities and connection between both people. Bring up your ideas in a moment that’s neutral and nonsexual. Emphasize what you already enjoy about your sex life and how you want to add to it. Definitely don’t use phrases like “That’s not gonna be helpful.”

If your partner does seem worried, she suggests reassuring them that you’re invested in both of you enjoying sex because you care about your relationship and your sex life together. You might be surprised at how receptive your partner is to experimenting with a toy since lots of couples are using sex toys to enhance their experience and communication. Sex toy maker We-Vibe conducted a study of 1,000 men and women between the ages of 35 and 55 and found that 49 percent of couples that use vibrators together report communicating often, whether about sex toys or other topics. Added bonus: There’s evidence that using toys together increases couples’ ease with giving and getting direction from their partner in bed.

The bottom line

Sex ought to be enjoyable for everyone involved, and any of these toys and accessories can definitely help in that department. With a specific toy out there for a number of sexual needs, every couple can get the most out of their intimate time and deepen their connection all the while.

Playbook of Sexy tips:

Man asking woman “ You could peg me”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sex toys like chastity cages, wireless vibrators, app-operated anal plugs, automatic fleshlights, an app-controlled vibrating egg, or the classic – online sexting can not only maintain the connection you have but also deepen it further. These sex toys for long-distance couples will surely spice things up for both of you, regardless of where you are! (Read: A Guide to Being Virtually Intimate)

Man and woman intertwined surrounded by sex toys

If you want to explore BDSM territory,  we suggest you invest in a bondage kit to get the best of BDSM toys!

If you want to play around a little, or simply want to keep things subtle but sexy, the foreplay dice is the one for you!

Use Condoms when switching holes to stay safe and to make cleaning extra easy!

Lube, Lube, Lube!  We can’t stress enough its importance. It helps ease any penetration and avoids micro cuts and tears. When going through the backdoor, use plenty of lube, more is less!

Wash and clean the toys before and after use to ensure maximum hygiene and safety!

And lastly, if too many choices overwhelm you and you need a quick, easy, and reliable way to choose the best sex toy, let us make things easy for you! Here are the Top 12 Sex Toys for Couples for you to choose from.

With so much knowledge in your arsenal, you can proceed to explore sex toys for couples and make your purchase, and while you wait for the spicy new addition to your sex life, make the most of that time and read up on Sex Toys for Couples: From Start to (Grand) Finish. May you have toe-curling orgasms, Amen!

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