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Steel Chastity Cages vs Plastic Chastity Cages

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We heard from a cuckoo that you are ready and excited to get into the world of chastity cages for yourself and/or your partner. Brilliant! Confused where to begin? Steel chastity cages or plastic chastity cages? Male chastity cages in India come in a plethora of materials to choose from and we are incredibly excited to help you out before you buy a chastity cage.

Each person is different, and so is each penis. What might be comfortable wear for one, might be restrictive (and we don’t mean the good kind!) for another. Essentially what you need is a chastity cage that you can be locked up in for a long time, without really worrying about it.

What is a chastity cage?

To start with, what exactly is a chastity cage?

As one of the many sex toys for men and penis-owners, chastity cages (also called penis cages or cock cages) is worn over the penis and locked. It’s not possible for someone wearing a chastity cage to get an erection, perform masturbation, or participate in any sexual activity without opening it with the key or a code. Chastity cages are usually used under kink-based scenarios, in which a partner controls the key/code and decides when they can unlock them.

Why would one want to use a chastity cage? And who is this for?

Although it’s still a no-no for some men and penis-owners to buy adult toys in India, there are also plenty of people who can’t keep it in their pants (pun intended) at the thought of someone else keeping their penis under lock and key. In BDSM/kink settings, chastity cages are used to exert authority over your partner’s genitals and deny orgasm; in other settings, they are used to increase intimacy and trust between partners.

A man saying, “Give it up for chastity” into a mic

Have you read our blog on ‘How to pick the best chastity cage for YOUR penis‘ yet?

What do I need to keep in mind when choosing a chastity cage?

There are two crucial factors to keep in mind before buying a chastity cage: comfort and constraint. In other words, the cock cage must be so comfortable that you or your partner don’t feel it. The wearer should be able to walk around freely about their usual daily routines without feeling impaired by it.

On the other hand, there is no point in one being locked if their penis doesn’t feel a certain sense of ‘fittedness’ of the chastity device. Ideally, the member shouldn’t feel too cramped but also shouldn’t float in the cage. The length of the tube where the penis fits should exactly match the length of the penis at rest when choosing a cage.

Do not choose too wide a cage, as this can promote early erections (and we want to avoid all that when in chastity, don’t we?). For the wearer to feel the chastity cage at the slightest shiver of excitement, it must be narrow. After lubricating the penis, the penis can be inserted without difficulty, but it must not swim in it, so one or two millimeters of margin is enough.

Confused wondering how to go about this. Let us break it down further for you:

  1. Is the cage comfortable? Does it pinch anywhere? Is the ring really tough on your balls? Does it cause any chafing or itching?
    When it comes to chastity cages, there is always some level of “discomfort” – after all, you are locking your most sensitive and erogenous body part in a cage. When you are resting and your penis is flaccid, the cage should be comfy, but when you start getting an erection, the cage should cause you some discomfort.
  2. How secure is the chastity cage? Will your testicle (aka your balls) slip out? Can the cage be opened by the wearer without the permission of the key/code holder?
    Security of the penis cage is a matter of high concern. It’s ineffective if one of your testicles slips out of the cage –  this might happen with ill-fitting ringed penis cages. The key or code holder must also ensure that the chastity device cannot be tampered with or broken open by the wearer.
  3. How easily can you pee in this? How long can you even wear this device?
    Always ensure that you can comfortably urinate while wearing the chastity device you purchased. Most chastity devices for men these days feature a hole at the tip of the cage from which one can urinate. This is especially crucial for long-term chastity play. Did you know that some users keep their penis locked for years at a stretch – even up to 6 years?
    Three soldiers sitting on the battlefield with the text ‘Someday this locktober is going to end’ on the image
    Pro Tip: A larger pee hole at the tip would be convenient. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to be fidgeting sleepy at night, trying to aim your penis to avoid a mess. Oh also, most users who wear a chastity cage swear by squatting to pee – try if it works for you.
  4. How can you keep the chastity cage clean?
    A chastity cage can attract a lot of piss and sweat during a lockup, so it’s important to be able to find a cage that can be easily cleaned when locked. It is also super important to maintain good hygiene and remove the cock cage periodically to clean it.

The Different Kinds of Chastity Cages

Rather than limiting pleasure, penile cages are used today to achieve a specific form of stimulation. What is the maximum amount of excitement you can play with? It all has to do with the penis cage in this question.

There’s a special attraction to losing control over your own arousal to your partner. It is up to them to decide when to save you and when to give him the key. So, be kind to them! Flexible materials such as rubber or silicone are commonly used for penis cages. It can, however, also consist of entirely unyielding metal. The penis cage can be closed, open, or partially open.

Steel Chastity Cages vs Plastic Chastity Cages

Keeping all the above points in mind, we are reviewing two primary materials of chastity cages – steel vs plastic – to help you make the best choice for a chastity cage.

Steel Chastity Cage


          • Reliable and safe. It is extremely unlikely that your testicles will escape a steel cage that has been properly sized. Additionally, cutting yourself out of steel without a chainsaw is practically difficult due to the material’s extreme hardness.
          • Steel is usually heavier, which serves as a reminder that your peen is secured. The overall chastity play experience is improved by this “feel.”
          • There are often more ventilation holes in steel chastity cages.
          • They will comprise of several rings, making them easier to clean.
          • They offer the best feeling of control and limitation because they are strong and durable.



          • Are less comfortable than cages made of plastic or resin, so they do require some getting used to.
          • Steel cages can be hit or miss when it comes to using the restroom.
          • The majority of steel cages have a very small opening, so you must line everything up properly to avoid creating a major mess (even while sitting on the toilet).
          • Steel cages don’t come in a variety of colours, either.
          • Typically, steel cages are more expensive.
          • Metal male chastity devices are padlocked shut, making it challenging to get rid of them swiftly in an emergency. If you want to employ metal chastity devices for your kinky games, this is something you need to keep in mind.

A man trying to open locked doors

Plastic Chastity Cage


          • Perfect for beginners!
          • The main benefit of a plastic cage over another cage is that plastic doesn’t weigh you down like heavier hardware.
          • These are kinder to your skin. It’s softer than steel and for someone who has never been locked up before, it’s much more comfortable.
          • Plastic cages are available in a variety of hues. Be sassy!
          • It is much simpler to use the restroom with these chastity cages because they typically include a much larger opening for peeing (regardless if you are standing or sitting to pee.
          • More comfortable than steel cages.
          • Cheaper than metal cages.



          • Airflow is limited by plastic. Your penis may thus feel too confined inside the tube or cage as a result. You might start to perspire.
          • They lack security. If you were truly desperate to escape, you could possibly cut pieces of the cage to do so.
          • Chastity cages made of plastic are not particularly open. This makes it impossible for your skin to breathe and makes cleaning the cage extremely challenging.
          • Plastic cages are less durable and more difficult to maintain.

Naturally, all of these judgments are based on personal preferences, so we advise trying out a variety of cages to see which ones you prefer.

Some extra things to keep in mind – because we care

          • Keep lots of lube handy wherever you go. Chafing from chastity device wearing is common so better be prepared.

A worried man saying ‘That’s going to chafe my willy’

          • Decide on keywords. Playtime should be stopped using a phrase chosen by the wearer. If not, the keyholder could misunderstand a situation where their partner is asking t be freed from the chastity cage.
          • To minimize pain, ensure that the penis should spend as little time as possible in the male chastity cage. Some urologists advise limiting one session to 3–4 hours.
          • Numerous folks discover that a certain amount of discomfort enhances their sexual fulfillment. Experimenting with the chastity cage can improve one’s sex life, but one should still take precautions to ensure no serious harm is being done to the penis.
          • For maintenance on your chastity cage, we suggest drying it out after each usage. The reason for this is that we do not want the steel cage to start rusting. You can wear your metal cages for a lifetime if you maintain them properly.

To sum it up simply…

Every penis owner is different physically, and they all have various skin allergies and comfort zones. This is why it’s critical to understand which chastity item will complement your skin and keep you at ease. Along with the fundamentals like size and material, it’s essential to practice good hygiene and sanitation.

Wishing you much joy as you select a chastity cage!

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