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How to assemble a chastity cage

A banana is wrapped in a metal cage while a toy looks on

Whether you are looking for chastity devices online or sex toys for men in India, you would have probably thought of the Middle Ages and the metal cages that men would allegedly force their wives or daughters to wear in order to preserve their alleged virginity. In fact, there is substantial disagreement among researchers as to whether or not chastity devices existed at all during this time or were even extensively utilized.

Chastity devices, however, are unquestionably genuine nowadays. On specialized websites, there are literally hundreds of things to pick from, ranging from metal objects with a lock and key to smart objects that can be operated with an app. We have been meaning to address the issue of how to put on a male chastity cage for some time. We moved this subject to the top of our list as a result of an email from a wonderful Manzuri customer, whom we will call Sanya, and our staff decided to provide a brief guide about chastity cages.

Sanya wrote to us with a small issue—her husband engages in a lot of masturbation. In fact, he enjoys himself so much that it has interfered with their sexual lives. We personally support masturbation and the use of male masturbation toys since it is a great way to alleviate stress, it’s healthy, and we don’t have to worry about unwarranted disappointments from a partner because we know how to satisfy ourselves. Masturbation only becomes an issue in a relationship when it deprives your spouse of sex, leaving them disappointed.

A contraption trying to yank open a chastity belt off a person

Sanya went on to say that she had dreamt about attempting a chastity cage with her spouse because she desired a complete and lasting solution. We were overjoyed because it was a wise decision: first, it will prevent my husband from touching his penis, and second, it will gratify one of my more secret sexual desires, which is to have complete control over my husband’s sexual behaviour and enjoyment.

So this article is for Sanya and everyone like her, to learn how to assemble and use a chastity cage for penis-owners.

What is a chastity cage?

Chastity cages, also known as penis cages or cock cages, are objects that are worn over the penis and secured in place. They are classified as sex toys for men and penis-owners. The wearer must use the key or a code to unlock the chastity cage in order to experience a full erection, masturbation, or any other sexual activity. Chastity cages are typically employed in kink-based situations; in these situations, the spouse who possesses the key or code controls when the cage can be unlocked.

What are the purposes of using a chastity cage?

While some men and penis-owners still consider buying adult toys in India to be taboo, an equal number of people find the idea of someone else keeping their penis under lock and key intolerable. Chastity cages are sometimes used in BDSM/kink situations to exert control over your partner’s capacity to engage in any genital activity, resulting in an orgasm denial; in other cases, they are utilized to foster an environment that fosters greater closeness and trust between the partners.

Using a chastity device fosters an intimate bond between you and your partner if you two are interested in exploring a dominant-submissive relationship or currently have one going. When you can allow your submissive to enjoy touching themself or even engage in oral or penetrative sex is up to you as the keyholder. Wearing this can make it easier for you to enter a playful, secure environment where you can give in to your master’s needs for submission and, yes, we hear you complete power exchange people grinning broadly!

But you might be wondering how a penile cage can assist those of us who want to use one without these subtleties of dominance-submission involved. Well, at least you are suppressing your own or your partner’s need to act on sexual urges by using a chastity cage. In addition to increasing desire, this has the added benefit of granting them access to their partner’s penis after a period of chastity. Many customers claim that by routinely utilizing a chastity cage, their sex drive and daily focus increased.

Jack Harlow singing, ‘I’ma spend this holiday locked in.’

Does it make you tingle to consider surrendering to someone who can decide when you get access to your penis? Then continue reading to learn how to pick the ideal chastity cage for you!

What should I know before I buy a chastity cage?

When choosing the ideal tool and installing your cage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Knowing yourself, your habits, and your level of activity can help you choose the right cage and keep a healthy cleaning schedule. Because penis size and shape vary so much, it is crucial to understand exactly how the style of the device will affect you individually.

  1. Sizing: Your penis should comfortably fill the cage and be in contact with all of its sides. If the cage is the proper length, your penis will softly press against its inside, aligning your urethra for simple urination.
  2. Foreskin: Your choice of the cage will depend on whether you have a lot of foreskins or are entirely circumcised. We can’t give universal advice, however, when trying on your cage, think about whether pulling back your foreskin makes it more comfortable. Daily cleaning will probably be easier to access with a more exposed head, but this may result in irritation, discomfort, and increased sensitivity. Try out what feels appropriate for you and think about the many device styles we have.
  3. Open or closed cage: There are important factors to take into account when deciding whether to wear an open or closed cage. Locking your penis in a little safe and tossing the key may be a bit of a profound dream. An almost totally closed cage, like, is great for complete confinement and making sure the wearer has no access to their cock at all, but it also raises the possibility of being more difficult to clean while being worn. Even while adding a urethral tube can help with that and reduce the amount of urine on the inside of the cage, unenclosed cages will still need to be entirely removed more frequently to ensure long-term hygiene and excellent chastity. Although it makes cleaning easier and lets you see your imprisoned penis, a cage that is a little bit more open could not be suitably restricted for persons with errant hands. There will always be trade-offs while searching for the appropriate cage, therefore I strongly suggest discussing both your needs and your goals with your keyholder.

Persona saying in a matter-of-fact tone, ‘I’m locked in here.’

  1. Exercise: Your choice of cage and cleaning schedule will depend on how frequently you exercise, the physical demands of your job, or other daily activities. You will need to take your chastity device out more regularly for cleaning if you sweat a lot or engage in a lot of physical activity than someone who leads a less active lifestyle. The following guidance is provided to assist you in your quest for chastity, but cleaning and safety should always be customized to meet your own needs.

How to assemble a chastity cage

Three simple steps for putting on a male chastity cage:

  1. Lubricate and put the ring on.

You cannot wear a chastity cage when you have an erection, therefore use any personal lubricant and lightly apply to your entire flaccid penis and testicles. Put the ring against your body by slipping it over your penis and behind your scrotum.

  1. Place your penis within the cock cage.

Make sure the locking pins and openings are lined up before placing the cage over your limp penis. When fitted properly, the cage shouldn’t be excessively tight. You should have some space all around, but not enough room to have an erection.

  1. Lock up the chastity cage.

Connect the pins on the ring to the holes in the cage. Lock the chastity device according to its locking mechanism to keep the member contained.

The alternative method is to put on a chastity cage using a stocking

Men may have trouble putting on cock cages because their penis just won’t fit all the way into the tip of the cage. This can be problematic since you need to relieve yourself close to the urine opening to avoid a mess or pee pooling in some cage points.

Because of this, someone devised the stocking method, which quickly and simply drags the shaft and glans to the bottom of the cage without the need for tools or fingers. But someone came up with the modified stocking technique, which reduces friction because some males complained that the stocking stuck to their penis and made their foreskin cluster at their glans.

A cartoon character showing a thank you sign to another saying, ‘locked and loaded’

How to wear a chastity cage using stockings:

  1. Fold the Stocking

Fold the cuff of the stocking down until it is even with the toe using a single, knee-high stocking for women, or thigh-high stocking or pantyhose cut to the size of a men’s over-the-calf sock.

  1. Slide the Stocking Over Your Penis

Put the folded stocking over your penis’s head and shaft.

  1. Thread the Stocking Through the End of the Cock Cage

Pull the toe and cuff of the stocking through either the urine hole or lower opening of the cage after slipping the ring over the base of your penis and your testicles and placing the cage over your penis. Lock the chastity cage right now.

  1. Pull the Stocking Out

Pull the stocking’s toe lightly after locking the cage. This will reduce friction when the stocking moves against itself and drag the head of your penis toward the bottom of the cock cage. Pull the toe and cuff together to release it from the cage after you are comfortably positioned where you want to be.

Extra tips to mind before wearing a chastity cage

Before putting on a chastity cage, there are a few necessary steps., hope this helps you.:

  1. With your spouse, go over the “rules.” No matter what you’re doing, it’s imperative that you and your spouse have open and honest communication! Establish safe and healthy sex life boundaries with your spouse before deciding whether chastity play is right for you.
  2. Put the extra key in a secure location. The keyholder may want to think about maintaining a spare key in a secure location just in case, even though the goal of chastity is to be locked up.
  3. Learn how to use the device. Before you do anything, familiarise yourself with this equipment because you’re going to be using it up close and personal. Take it apart, then reassemble it. Examine how it operates, the locking mechanism, the keys, etc. The last thing you would want to do is wear a chastity item that is shoddy or malfunctioning.A man telling another, ‘Guess who gets to pick where he gets locked up.’
  4. Tidy up. Once you’ve located the ideal cage, you must make sure to thoroughly clean the area. To prevent any unnecessary pulling or irritation, you might choose to shave.
  5. Bring the lube. This procedure will be a lot simpler with lubrication. Add some lubrication to your penis, balls, and contraption (for good measure).
  6. Begin with the ring One by one, insert your penis into the ring while bending your testicles downward. Put each testicle into the cage one at a time, then bend your penis upwards or downwards to allow the cage to hinge over it if it has a hinge mechanism.
  7. Lock it up. Close the hinge or fasten the closure after everything is in position.

To conclude…

You are eager and prepared to enter the world of chastity cages for yourself and/or your lover, a cuckoo told us. Brilliant! Not sure where to start? Male chastity cages in India are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and we are very eager to assist you before you purchase one.

Every person and every penis are unique. What may be comfortable clothing for one person may be painful—and not in a good way—for another. In essence, what you require is a chastity cage that you can be imprisoned in for a considerable amount of time without any concern.

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