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Why is the demand for prostate massagers in India on the rise?

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The era of prostate massagers is upon us!

Yet, it is bothersome that there is some social stigma attached to prostate play and prostate massagers in India, for men. I decided to speak to a few cis, hetero, penis-owning friends of mine . One of them, we can call him Rahul, said, “Three years ago if you’d asked me about prostate play, I would tell you that anal play is for queer individuals and that is bad. Because at that time, being homophobic was cool, plus there wasn’t much education on it. Now, over time, with increased sensitisation and awareness, the idea of indulging in prostate play doesn’t challenge my sexuality, and I am open to trying it. Plus now there are so many male masturbation toys available in the market for me to explore.”

Sales of sex toys that stimulate the walnut-sized gland between the root of the penis and the bladder are soaring – and a surprising source is driving this interest: straight, cis men. I set out determined to find out why there is an increasing demand for prostate massagers in India.

What is a prostate massage?

Just like the G-spots found in women and people with vulvas, finding the P-spot may be challenging for penis-owners at first, but the sensations and benefits you feel will blow you away (pun is definitely intended). Direct and indirect methods are both used to induce prostate orgasms.

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Is there a way I can stimulate my prostate myself?

There are both direct and indirect methods. Indirect methods include applying pressure to the perineum and using the finger, a toy, or a massager to penetrate the anal passage. Only the urethral sounding method is direct (inserting a special toy called a sounding rod into the penis). In a remarkably simple way, a urethral dilator works by vibrating the sensitive nerve endings inside the penis.

But how do I incorporate this into partnered play?

Rather than seeking out the P-spot when you first try prostate massage through anal fingering, focus on giving your partner pleasure. The experience of anal play without stimulating the prostate is still super-arousing, fun, and pleasurable. A P-spot is simply the walnut (pun intended!) on top. But before you go into anal play, communication is crucial. Ideally, you should both be comfortable (and excited) about what you’re about to do.

A woman telling a man, “You’ll feel strong pressure on the prostate gland”

Why is there a spike in the demand for prostate massagers?

Another friend of mine, Vivek commented “What blew my mind, and why I was into such masturbation toys for men much early on in life, is the fact that it opened up a world of pleasure to me. I’m so used to seeing articles on the different kinds of orgasms a woman can have and how to achieve them, but how often do you read an article with a list of the best prostate massagers for men? Did you know that men can have more than one type of orgasm, and stimulating the prostate can provide a totally different experience than a penile orgasm?”

As a result of the sudden spike in anal pleasure interest, there are now a number of new companies that specialise in it, such as b-Vibe, a company that specializes in toys for butts. Until about a decade ago, even the most well-stocked and most open-minded sex store chains carried only one or two prostate-related toys. As of today, more stores are offering different models from different manufacturers. In a culture with so many hang-ups surrounding straight male sexuality and so little knowledge of anal stimulation, how did hetero men lead a boom in prostate toys?

Straight cis men have gotten hooked on prostate stimulation despite suffering severe social stigma. Prostate massage usually induces a powerful full-body orgasm. It can sometimes result in ejaculation or can be dry as well. Due to a lack of research, we don’t really fully comprehend many of the dynamics of prostate orgasms. The majority of anal play research concentrates on potential health hazards. The fragility of anal tissue makes it easier to sustain micro-tears during play and, as a result, can spread infections when other people’s fluids or unwashed and naked fingers are involved.

However, anal orgasms can be induced numerous times throughout one play session for many people. Don’t believe us? A 63-year-old man had up to 10 full-body orgasms while using a prostate massager before he ejaculated.

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Did you know that by pushing on the perineum, the strip between the scrotum and the anus, men can partially activate their prostates without anal penetration?

However, many individuals find that this does not provide them with the same intensity or depth of pleasure as more explicit, inside stimulation. Before the company Aneros released their specially designed prostate massagers, the majority of men interested in non-penile internal prostate stimulation had to use their fingers or toys intended for other uses.

Since there weren’t many items specifically designed and promoted for prostate stimulation prior to 2002, it’s possible that the market for it was unintentionally repressed by cultural stigmas, a lack of open dialogue and understanding, and perhaps just a lack of options in the market.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure’, published in 2013, was a huge step forward in providing trustworthy and simply understandable information about anal play for all audiences.

The book cover of ‘The ultimate guide to prostate pleasure’ by Charlie Glickman

According to co-author Charlie Glickman, the push by manufacturers and sex educators all around the world “destigmatizes anal and prostate pleasure, which makes it more accessible.”

(Fun fact: Glickman has discovered that most folks who purchase his book appear to be straight cis men or their intimate partners!)

Increase in supply of prostate massager devices in the market

As cultural factors and awareness among men about anal stimulation have increased, the assortment of prostate toys available in India and in the market has also improved. Beginners can now select just the toy they need to feel secure, while pros can delve in for creations that fulfil their unique wants or preferences, whether it’s a certain size, style of vibration, or an inconspicuous form so they can wear one outdoors.

It helps that manufacturers of male sex toys have largely moved away from sexually suggestive packaging and aesthetics over the past ten years. This makes the toys less obvious and easier to store away if required. For first-timers or those who might still be dealing with some stigma, this makes the process of purchasing a prostate massager far less scary.

Increased prostate play popularity in media

Around the turn of the decade, more liberal views regarding sexual exploration and sensation began to seep into popular society. This corresponded with the market’s increasing supply of male prostate gadgets and the necessity to participate in its instruction. The largest gain in interest in prostate play seemed to apparently happen in 2012 and 2015 due to the huge following ‘50 Shades of Grey’ received. The novel was published in 2011, and the 2015 release of the film adaptation. Despite excessively distorting them, it did mainstream a lot of sexual behaviours despite being god awful in every way.

A woman saying “Find anal fisting’ to a man

Major network TV programmes like ‘Broad City’ have attempted to address male anal stimulation in an open-minded manner. In earlier programmes and films, the prostate play was used to induce homophobic chuckles.  Even periodicals like ‘Cosmopolitan’ now eagerly promote anal stimulation.

The health benefits of prostate massages

Before the widespread use of antibiotics, many men used to experience this sensation through medical prostate massages that doctors recommended to treat prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland. If a man has chronic or treatment-resistant prostatitis, he is advised to massage his prostate.

Spock showing the Vulcan salute with the words ‘Prepare yourself for the Vulcan prostate massage’ on the image

Patients with prostatitis were treated in a trial by the UCLA Medical Center and the Institute of Male Urology with antibiotics and frequent prostate massages. About 40% of trial participants reported total symptom relief, while another 21% reported significant improvement. The treatment was ineffective according to additional studies, which led to the conclusion that prostate massage is not a cure-all for prostatitis but may provide some alleviation.

TLDR: If you’re interested in buying a prostate massager, then go for it!

The sex toy economy and people’s sexual patterns are difficult to anticipate, Glickman notes in his book. Any fad could easily hit its low point during any point, but many of the variables that significantly helped prostate massagers gain greater popularity in recent years are still in play. In fact, there seem to be a lot of straight penis-owners whose negative stereotypes regarding prostate massage – for health or sexual causes – may be lowered by information and societal acknowledgement, making them prostate play enthusiasts.

It definitely seems like the demand for prostate massagers in India will continue to rise in the years to come for medical and purely pleasure-oriented reasons. Don’t be shocked if you start to hear more and more of your openly straight, cis male pals praising the exciting activity that is prostate play. Mine are there already!

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