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Explore urethral play/urethral sounding using chastity cages

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Did you know that the best chastity cages may be used to achieve urethral sounding for the height of male pleasure? Fruit that is forbidden or taboo somehow makes it even more alluring!

There are a tonne of gadgets and toys that can greatly improve your sexual pleasure and you can even buy chastity devices online in India along with other sex toys for men and couples sex toys. We all know how much fun sex toys for couples and a BDSM kit with BDSM products such as handcuffs, whips, and blindfolds can be since they make us completely rely on our partners with our bodies. A chastity cage, on the other hand, allows your lover greater control over your body than any other device. The pinnacle of security and pleasure is offered by chastity cages. You will be completely in your partner’s hands when your penis is locked in until they decide to release it.

What is urethral play/urethral sounding?

You want the medical definition, right? According to medicine, urethral sounding entails inserting a liquid or item into the urethra. In urological surgery, it may be employed to break up a blockage or limitation or to allow entry to the bladder.

The act of placing a rod or other object into the urethra for sexual fulfillment is known as urethral play, sometimes known as urethral sounding. Sounding for enjoyment goes under many names. The phrase “penis stuffing,” popular among the kink community, is the one we’ve heard the most. The most well-liked and simple-to-use toys are made of stainless steel. Although toys made of other materials, including silicone, are also available, stainless steel is the most efficient and stress-free choice.

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What are the uses of urethral play/urethral sounding?

People do urethral sounding for a variety of reasons, including pain and pleasure. And when done correctly, you can enjoy both at once. This is the lure that draws men in time and time again. Most people place erotic fulfillment high on their lists of priorities. Similar to orgasm denial, the sounding is just one more method we might test the limits of our lust. It’s too severe and controversial for many people. But it’s a fulfilling pastime for those who are sexually adventurous.

The majority of people use this male masturbation toy because their penis becomes extremely sensitive to outside stimuli when the sound is fully inserted. five times more responsive, roughly. The feeling is tremendous, even when you only softly brush your touch over the pierced member. The only difference is that you can do this each time you employ a sound, almost like the first time you have experienced an orgasm. More people use sounding rods repeatedly for this reason alone. A different but comparable quality of sensation is experienced upon extremely light rod insertion. Light masturbation refers to softly stroking upward and downward while using a very delicate handle. Just keep in mind to stroke slowly if we aren’t clear enough.

How to practice safe urethral play/urethral sounding using chastity cages

Chastity cages occasionally include special rods that can be utilized as sounds while you wear them. While wearing the same, this can provide you with a powerful session. But how do you wear it securely? The procedure is rather easy to follow. The most important thing is to stop if you experience severe pain, tightness, or pressure. You don’t want to risk damaging something inside because there might be scar tissue or other impediments.

Make sure the urethral-sounding rods in the chastity cages are clean and sanitized before you do anything. When you’re ready to begin, make sure your hands and penis are both clean, and sterilize your sounds in boiling water for around 30 minutes. You run the risk of ingesting whatever bacteria it may be if the sounds or hands end up touching something unclean. Rewash and begin again.

You should lubricate the sound and the region surrounding the penis hole once the tools have been cleansed and chilled to a safe temperature. Not just any lube, either! You should look for a product without glycerin. For this, it is advisable to use a surgical lubricant designed for urethral sounds. After lubricating the rod, gently push it into your urethra as it slides in. It could take some time the first few times to become acclimated to the feelings and sensations. Going slowly is essential.

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You can start experimenting a little bit by changing the size of the sound or even spinning it while it’s inside you once you become acclimated to the sensation and size of something inside your penis.

Safety and aftercare of using a chastity cage

Daily hygiene

While enclosed cages made of plastic or other materials can quickly start to smell if your cleaning routine is insufficient, open-style metal cages are the easiest to keep clean over time. The most frequent cause of the foul odour is urine, however, due to its acidic composition, it can also result in more significant issues including skin burns or irritation. When caged, it is best to sit down to urinate. Before you start, ensure sure your urethra is not blocked by your foreskin or the cage.

Use the shower head with a high-pressure/direct jet if you’re in the comfort of your own home or in a bathroom with a shower facility to clean the cage inside and out. Use a lot of soap, and then rinse well. Carry a water bottle with you if you do not have access to such amenities when out and about. A squirtable bottle can help to remove any pee that has accumulated on the inside of the cage but remember to wash thoroughly once you get home.

When wearing a chastity device, it is crucial to spend time each night before bed cleaning and inspecting the device. The majority of hygiene issues are brought on by careless cleaning techniques and/or the use of mismatched device types. When confined, it is essential to always have adequate airflow, and when choosing a device, it should be your first concern to evaluate your hygiene requirements.

Weekly cleaning routine

Thorough removal and cleaning should be performed at least once every week, depending on your lifestyle and the kind of device you wear. It is not shameful to take your device out for hygienic reasons; it has no bearing on how effective you are at being a chastity slave, and you shouldn’t ever feel guilty or embarrassed if you need to take your device out more frequently for health reasons. Contrary to what certain fantasy erotica may claim, any responsible key holder should support cleaning that necessitates the device being completely removed at frequent intervals in addition to your normal routine.

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The material and style of your device will determine how to clean it. Remove the device first, then disassemble it into its component pieces. No device’s lock should be washed because water could cause corrosion or other lock failure and this section shouldn’t be in contact with the body. To clean any of our devices, wash them with soap and warm water. To get inside the cage’s more complicated spaces, use a cotton bud or cloth dipped in a mild antiseptic or cleaner designed specifically for sex toys.

After carefully cleaning and drying your gadget, give yourself a bath and trim your pubic hair. I advise chopping your hair short but not entirely shaven because lengthy hair can get caught and pulled out while newly emerging hairs can itch. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean oneself to get rid of any bacteria or buildup of dead skin cells from wearing the cage. If you haven’t had your foreskin cut, give special attention to washing there. Also, be sure to rinse out all the soap and properly dry yourself.

If your device is giving you problems, consider whether there is a different model that may be more suited to you or if there is anything you can do to decrease these troubles. Showering is a great time to check for any medical issues such as abrasions, regions of pinching or bruising.

Never forget that urine is acidic and can cause skin burns or irritation if not cleaned correctly every time. You should always use lubrication and experiment with different fitting techniques to discover the one that is most comfortable for you. How you put it on your device may also cause minor abrasions or pinching. You should let your keyholder know if you have any minor wounds and take a break from wearing your device until they are completely healed.

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Sounding off..

One of life’s greatest sexual fetishes is urethral sounding! But while utilizing a chastity device for urethral sounding, safety and knowledge are of the utmost importance. The fundamentals of urethral sounding, including its vocabulary and safe practices, have been effectively covered. This is an excellent place to start, however, chastity devices and any kind of sounds are much broader kinks/fetishes than we’ve covered here.

Happy sounding!

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