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How to practice edging using chastity cage

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With all these ads you see these days of chastity cages online, chastity cages for men, you wonder what it is and if a chastity device in India is the best solution to your personal and sexual life’s questions. Well, you want to prolong the enjoyment of your sexual encounters or increase your desire. Do you know what edging is? Edging is a surprisingly common sexual practice that is done alone, with partners, as a couple, or by BDSM practitioners who want to intensify their erotic encounters.

Regardless of whether you are having sex alone or with a partner, orgasm suppression is a terrific way to spice things up. You can use sex toys for men, couple sex toys, or even BDSM kits and male masturbation toys to achieve this pleasure!

In a female-led relationship, especially when it comes to investigating orgasm suppression, the privilege of orgasmic release is frequently perceived as a serious act with established punishments and rewards; it is a reward for accomplishing a list of duties or tasks. But intimacy need not always be terribly intense; depriving yourself or your partner can be fun. Why not spice things up by trying out these games to inject some fun into your intimacy? Here are some tested tips and tricks to practice edging using chastity cages for men!

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What are chastity cages?

While exploring chastity, the emphasis is more on denial than release, whereas when edging, orgasm is the ultimate goal. The most popular association of chastity with physical confinement is the wearing of a chastity device, usually known as a chastity belt; this can be either a cage for penis owners or a harness for vulva owners. Chastity cages are available in a range of styles and compositions.

It’s simple to forget that having sex doesn’t necessarily begin when you get into bed at night, but may instead be a deeper, longer-lasting experience that stimulates both the mind and the body. Utilizing a chastity device serves as a continual reminder of your partnership’s agreement and the extent to which you are living in orgasmic denial.

Chastity can be practiced in a variety of ways, but it most frequently involves a form of authority that is characterized by domination and submission. While not the only method to enjoy chastity, BDSM is undoubtedly a good time. Simple text reminders between lovers throughout the day can significantly improve the experience of keeping your mind occupied and concentrated while enjoying the intense physical restraints, in addition to the list of edging previously mentioned. Games are fantastic when combined with a chastity cage, too!

Using a chastity cage as part of a chastity kink?

Chastity kink has a wide range, from foreplay, where someone might refrain from having sex or be physically restrained for a short time, to a full-blown lifestyle, where a partner literally holds the keys to a guy’s sexual freedom for days, weeks, or even months at a time. These gadgets are almost exclusively for men. Therefore, while chastity may have originally been a strategy for restraining and controlling female sexuality—or, at the very least, as a sophisticated cultural parody about doing so—chastity today has a totally different connotation.

A man singing, ‘Locked up.’

Gender conventions can put enormous pressure on men to act in particular ways, and kink-like chastity can be a safe haven from that. It partially results from a desire to relinquish power and leave your position. We still fear that dynamic, still fear female power and control, which is one of the reasons this kink is so common but taboo.

What is edging?

Edging is the act of limiting someone else’s or your own orgasm. It frequently goes hand in hand with teasing, denial, and/or maintaining the rejected person’s sexual excitement without providing any release.

We know that this may sound like your worst nightmare, but there are actually a lot of advantages to depriving yourself of that lovely orgasmic fulfillment. It takes a lot of strength to stop such a wonderful deed, and it’s frequently a way to bring some kind of control into the bedroom, whether that control comes in the shape of self-discipline or a joint foray into BDSM.

Some people only engage in edging when they are alone and masturbating. When you finally allow yourself to indulge, it will increase your orgasm and be a terrific way to connect with your body and explore your limitations. Edging is the practice of repeatedly arousing oneself through masturbation while refraining from orgasm.

Others focus solely on deepening a relationship with another individual. This does not imply that it is only appropriate for those in deeply committed, romantic relationships. Any person of any gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status is suitable for this form of erotic exploration, which can occur in a variety of settings. True, orgasm denial is frequently used to increase excitement and delay sexual fulfillment, but it may also help with medical difficulties, worries, or insecurities, such as the start of a new relationship; creating excitement before actually having sex, among a professional dominant and their customer, as a self-motivation exercise to aid performance, or between a religious pair utilizing chastity to refrain from pre-marital physical intimacy.

Chastity play: Keeping time by edging is key

It is totally up to you for how long you decide to keep yourself or your spouse from experiencing that all-pervasive, heart-pounding climax. You might want to take chastity contracts into account if you’re interested in a serious commitment for a specific amount of time.  Each party can acknowledge any rules, expectations, punishments, and rewards involved and agree to a set of terms and conditions by signing a formal or informal agreement.

Kangana Ranaut saying, ‘Lock up.’

The period of denial may last only a few minutes or several months for those looking for a less structured style of play. It may be determined by a set of requirements, such as allowing your partner to climax only after they clean the house, finish a predetermined list of duties, or satisfy a number of your sexual wants. In contrast, edging could be more like a game.

How to practice edging using chastity cages

Here are a few well-known wholesome chastity games from the internet that have helped people all around the world. Please be aware that these games adhere to the BDSM’s tenets and should only be played in SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) settings.

The majority of these games are geared toward relationships in which there is a dominant (the person in charge) and one submissive (the one who will be denied), but they may be readily modified to fit persons who wish to self-lock or individuals who are in non-monogamous situations:

1.    Servitude Games:

Assign yourself or your partner a certain number of points for completed chores and assignments. These points can then be redeemed for incentives. Domestic chores like cooking a meal, sweeping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, or exercising, for instance, could potentially be worth 1 to 10 points, depending on how kind you are.

Wearing an anal plug, gratifying the dominating partner, or engaging in a sexual act like edging yourself without orgasm are all examples of sexual assignments. Depending on the dominant partner’s objectives, they could result in more (5–15 points) or fewer (0.5–2 points) points being awarded for each.

Additionally, poor conduct or other infractions may result in the loss of points.

The submissive partner may request to exchange their points for a reward after they have acquired enough. Timed activities with the use of tasty goodies as rewards:

30 points = 5 minutes of edging performed by the dominant partner

50 points = 1 orgasm or 1 hour out of chastity

70 points = 2 hours out of chastity

100 points = sexual intercourse

200 points = 2 days out of chastity with orgasms permitted

2.    Wordplay:

What could be sexier than erotica that you personally wrote? For this game, the dominant will give the submissive a written assignment to complete. The sub will be rewarded with freedom from chastity once the mission has been satisfactorily completed by the dominant. In recognition of outstanding commitment, inventiveness, and narrative, an orgasm may even be authorized.

Other possible writing assignments include:

  • Keeping a journal of their chastity journey for a predetermined number of days or months
  • Writing about a certain moment or incident for the reader to cherish
  • Writing about their most memorable erotic experience
  • Reasons why they enjoy serving you
  • An essay expressing their gratitude for having you hold their keys
  • Creating a request for release from chastity and presenting a list of why the submitter feels they deserve it

A man in the shower singing, ‘We’re locked up in the lockdown.’

1.    Movie Night:

A common variation on your favourite drinking game involves setting up a list of words and their corresponding repercussions as you watch a movie or TV show with your significant other or by yourself. This game can be a terrific opportunity to introduce one another to each other’s tastes in pop culture and share your favourite movies. Making your faithful spouse pick a movie they think you’ll like is one possibility; this might either start them off with an immediate punishment or reward!

Example: When watching the well-known English film Mean Girls, the following edging session is extended by one minute for each time a character mentions Africa.

Other examples for the same film might be:

  • Every time Regina George’s full name is used, the submissive’s chastity countdown/days denied an orgasm is increased by one.
  • The submit is required to perform a duty for the dominant whenever the words “mean” or “girls” are used (e.g. foot rub, fetch them a drink, massage their shoulders).
  • The subordinate will get spanked by the dominant every time Janis completes a mission to undermine Regina.
  • Every time there is a three-way call, the submissive is required to kneel and start to edge for three minutes (no orgasm)

To come to the point (ahaha)…

…as with any sexual activity, communication is key! These games are meant to serve as an inspiration for having fun while playing with a companion or by yourself. However, don’t take them too seriously, and stop playing if something doesn’t feel right or goes beyond what each participant has agreed to. You can resume the fun at any time, but any form of kink, BDSM, or sexual activity requires that you feel secure enough to indulge and interact with others.

Stay safe, and have fun!

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