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Chastity Devices in India- 5 things you need to know

A leather female chastity belt

The changing attitudes toward sex toys in India expose us to new and exciting ways of enhancing our sexual experience in bed, such as using chastity devices. Whether you are someone new to the world of chastity or are experienced in BDSM play, there are some crucial things to keep in mind before considering doing the act.

And you’ve come to just the right place! In this article, we will give you the answers to questions like what exactly is a chastity device. Where did they come from? And the real Q: how can you enjoy chastity devices in India?

Metal wire covering a woman’s panty area with the sign ‘No Trespassing

Basics first: what are chastity devices?

Chastity cages are sex toys for men and women, including all vagina owners and penis-owner. It is a device worn over the genitals and locked in place. Unless the wearer opens the chastity device with a key or code, they can’t get a full erection (for penis-owners), enjoy masturbation, or have any sexual activity. Usually, chastity devices are used under kink-based scenarios, where a partner is in charge of unlocking it, by holding the key/code.

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Steel Chastity Cages vs Plastic Chastity Cages

What is the history behind chastity devices?

So where did this whole concept come from? What could have possibly driven someone to love not having sex or orgasms for such a long time?

As seen by the numerous references to chastity belts in religious scriptures, the genuine origins of chastity can be found in Ancient times. The majority of people think that these allusions were more metaphorical than literal and that no one’s genitalia was actually locked away.

A chastity belt from the Torture Museum in Amsterdam.

Photograph by Albrecht Classen

When men had to leave their wives behind to fight for years at a time, the crusades are when the term “chastity belt” originally appeared in its correct context. They would lock up their genitalia and take the key with them since they plainly didn’t want their wives having sexual relations with other guys. Or so we might believe…

The idea of chastity belts has repeatedly appeared in literature throughout history, even in pictures, although no real wearers have been seen.

Two women pulling at a man’s chastity device that has three locks

So when did they actually show up? The first actual chastity belts, according to many historians, were created in the 18th or 19th century and were designed more as amusing decorative items and not to be worn

It’s possible that this was the first time that individuals really started building and using chastity devices because more contemporary chastity accessories (such as belts and cages) seem to start appearing in the early 1900s. However, some of the older designs are rather odd and wouldn’t have worked all that well for practical use.

Chastity devices today are appropriately made to prevent the user from engaging in sexual activity since designs have clearly improved throughout the course of the 20th century. Thus, the historically relevant device vision finally came into the form it is today, and is vastly enjoyed by all people.

Why use a chastity device?

A chastity device is popular in BDSM play today as a tool to control your partner’s orgasm. In essence, a chastity belt is made of metal or plastic and covers someone’s genitals.

Both vulvas and penises can be covered with versions of these devices. You can’t touch the wearer’s genitals unless the person holding the key opens the lock of the device. In general, chastity devices made for penises lock in a flaccid position so that whoever wears them cannot have an erection.

Because chastity devices are locked up, they work well for orgasm denial – a method of making someone highly sexually aroused for a long period without letting them release it.

Woman wearing a chastity belt, about to mention the combination to it

Who can wear a chastity device?

People of all genders can use chastity devices, no matter what their anatomy is. Chastity devices like chastity penis cages are not available to vagina-owners, but there are other options such as chastity belts, which cover the anus and vagina and prevent intercourse.

A common concern is that chastity for females in a heterosexual relationship might be an uncomfortable topic, as it brings forward ideas of enforcing historical stereotypes by submitting to a man. But do note, that in any sexual practice, there is a large element of trust. Even when it comes to kink, there is the overarching principle of it being Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK), where one can freely participate in power play.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you like. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try chastity if you think it will be enjoyable!

How to pick the best chastity device that suits you?

  1. How do I prepare myself for a chastity device?
    When you’re getting ready to wear a chastity device, there are some easy steps you can take to make the process a little easier. The most important thing to do before putting on a device is to give your genitals a good clean.
    A woman rising up from her bath tub, all soapy and wearing a chastity belt
    Using almost any kind of sexual device is a bit easier with some lubrication, and chastity devices are no different. Having a bottle of lube handy is always good while you’re putting a device on.
    If you are a penis owner, it is it’s very common to get an erection while putting on a chastity cage. An easy way to deal with this is to keep a few cubes of ice handy. The cold will quickly get help the penis calm down and once it’s flaccid again you can continue putting on the cage.
    If you are a penis owner, it is it’s very common to get an erection while putting on a chastity cage. An easy way to deal with this is to keep a few cubes of ice handy. The cold will quickly get help the penis calm down and once it’s flaccid again you can continue putting on the cage.
    Read How to pick the best chastity cage for YOUR penis here!
  2. Can I use a chastity device in public?
    Wearing a cage in public is very acceptable! It is advised to use chastity devices that are simple to put on and take off in case of an emergency in a public place; you’ll wish to be able to take the cage off fast. Having something that sits under your clothing without attracting too much attention is more suited for someone who will be wearing their chastity device when out and about. Some devices are so big and contain so many extra pieces that they can be seen through practically any piece of clothing. If you don’t want them to be seen, this can be a headache.
    In general, wearing tighter underwear to keep the device in place and baggier, looser garments to create more space is beneficial.A dog walking wearing baggy clothes
  3. How can I have fun with a chastity device?
    Chastity play is based mostly on orgasm denial. During solo play, your orgasms are carefully controlled by your partner or even by yourself rather than being able to masturbate whenever you feel desperate. Only if your partner decides to unlock your device will the long-awaited release occur; talk about things heating up!
    Want your solo or partnered chastity play to be more enjoyable? Create a schedule with one specific date designated as the “orgasm day.” The date can be postponed even further if the person wearing chastity fails to live up to their expectations and climax before that day.
    The release, not the delay, is the important factor in orgasm denial. The goal isn’t to make the wearer suffer by preventing them from ever letting the sexual tension out. Instead, one is able to manage their orgasms and pleasure in a way that causes a significant buildup. Then, it feels so amazing when they finally experience that sweet release. Try it. You’ll thank us.
    A king speaking, with the text ‘Release the Kraken’ at the bottom
  4. Long-term chastity
    There are a few real concerns if you plan to use your chastity device for an extended period of time. Chafing is one typical issue that could arise. Parts of the device will rub against your skin when you move, which may cause some irritation. Regular inspections of the chastity device and the genital region are necessary to ensure there are no concerns. If you do discover inflamed skin, be careful to moisturize it so it will recover. Also, you can consistently apply lubrication to the places where the cage rubs.
    The weight of your chastity device is another factor that deserves careful thought. If you wear it while you’re out and about, it will put a lot of pressure on specific areas of the skin. The skin may stretch or become painful in those regions if the device is too weighty.
    It’s normally preferable to select something lightweight for your outdoor/long-term chastity device and reserve the bulkier ones for use at home.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance
    The majority of chastity devices can be cleaned in warm, soapy water. As these are the areas where bacteria are most likely to collect, use a towel to thoroughly clean all of the little crevasses. There are some devices that can be boiled, including most silicone and metal ones. This is fantastic because you can put the chastity device in boiling water and be quite certain that all bacteria have been destroyed. To make sure your device is suited for boiling, you should read the usage instructions that came with it.

    But before storing your chastity equipment after cleaning, make sure it is completely dry. If they are damp, mould may grow while they are in storage, requiring additional cleaning. Worst case scenario: you won’t be able to use them ever again!
    All chastity devices need to be kept in a cold, dry location. Each should ideally be contained in its own plastic bag or container to lower the possibility of cross-contamination. A plastic box is a good place to try to store them so they won’t get destroyed.

So there you go!

Historically, tying up a person’s genitals was possibly a way to deal with their reportedly intolerable yearning or to keep their “virginity.”  However, for many individuals nowadays, it is just a sensual image of sex. There are satisfied chastity device wearers all around the world, despite the fact that the medieval chastity belts that are advertised today as fetish goods were not.

Anyone can enjoy the joy of wearing a chastity device or being the keyholder by following the necessary measures since there are several bodily pleasures that can be obtained. Others are far more psychological and can strengthen your connection. Some of them are fairly physical and have an impact on how you like having sex. We hope this article helped.

Here’s to chastity play!

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