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Couples explain why they love using chastity cages

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The phrase “chastity” certainly conjures up images of the Middle Ages and the metal cages that husbands and fathers allegedly made their wives and daughters wear to uphold their purported ideals of virtue. In fact, there is substantial disagreement among researchers as to whether or not chastity devices existed at all during this time or were even extensively utilized.

Chastity devices, however, are unquestionably genuine nowadays. On specialized websites, there are literally hundreds of things to pick from, ranging from metal objects with a lock and key to smart objects that can be operated with an app. But do you ever wonder who are interested in a chastity kink? Or how couples use chastity cages in their daily lives and relationships? Read on, we’ll tell you all the juicy diets right here!

What is a chastity kink?

Chastity kink has quite a wide range, from foreplay, when someone might refrain from having sex or be physically restrained for a little amount of time, to a full-fledged lifestyle, where a partner literally holds the keys to a penis owner’s sexual freedom for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Therefore, while chastity may have originally been a strategy for restraining and controlling female sexuality – or, at the very least, as a sophisticated cultural parody about doing so – chastity today has a totally different connotation.

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Gender conventions can put enormous pressure on men to act in particular ways, and a kink like chastity can be a safe haven from that. It results, in part, from a desire to cede control and flee from the expectations society has of your role. The fact that most men fear that dynamic if it entails female power and domination is one of the reasons why this kink is so common among heterosexual couples but is still frowned upon in mainstream circles.

Couples tell us why they love using chastity cages

When Arjun*, 33, of Kolkata was reading a porn website by chance, he found chastity. He quickly recognized that giving up power during sex would be a tremendous release and that he was interested in playing a more submissive position. Arjun thought the kink would be the ideal method to explore those ideas, but it took him a few weeks to have the nerve to inform his wife. She wasn’t sure what to think at first. “I did a terrible job of explaining myself; I was so scared that nothing I said came out right, “He recalls. “I was urged to give her some time to consider it.

They eventually began talking about it more, and Arjun even gave his wife a book on the subject. He claims that after discovering the kink, their relationship has improved. “Our bond is stronger and greater than before, and I don’t believe we’ve ever been more in love with one another, ” he claims. “Chastity has helped me understand more about the struggles and issues women face in a society that is controlled by men.”

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Women may find this defiance of societal expectations alluring as well. Kavya* is a professional domme who also holds the keys to some of her male clients’ chastity devices. She enjoys the kink with her partner in her free time as well. She enjoys how the kink offers the woman control (both practically and psychologically), challenging patriarchal views about sex. We live in a culture that suppresses or denigrates female-led relationships, Kavya claims. “The man occasionally begs to be able to get off a device, but there is also the masochistic thrill of being unable to do so. I enjoy having them at my mercy.”

Kavya was eager to clarify that chastity kinks don’t merely involve sexual activity. Intimacy, vulnerability, and trust are a few of our most basic needs and aspirations that they appeal to. According to her, “all kinks are about entering a space where you won’t be shamed.” And bravo to those who accomplish it!

Nearly every day, Nathaniel* wears a chastity device. He claims he had to change his attention to other erogenous areas. “Since I couldn’t stimulate my penis, other zones sensed the yearning for pleasure, thus my nipples and anus have gotten more sensitive,” “He claims. “My understanding of women’s demand for more foreplay has improved.”

Neil, Rohin’s partner, who was curious about the kink but hadn’t actually tried it, introduced Rohin*, a scientist in their 30s who works in Bangalore, to chastity. Because Neil was too nervous, “I was the one who got Neil his first plastic device from an online retailer,” they said. Chastity relieves the strain on their sexual connection, and since Rohin can relax more, they now enjoy their time together much more. “The unexpected result of our celibacy is that we have more sex than ever. We both enjoy it and use a lot of toys, they claim. He has always been obedient, but now that he is confined to a device, I am under no obligation to win his favour.”

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Male chastity and open relationships are combined by Tony* and his wife, who are both from Kerala. According to Tony, this combination benefits them both and has preserved their sexual life. His wife will go out on a date night with a boyfriend, return home, and tell Tony everything that happened. He says, “I live through her experiences. I love feeling all that she is feeling as I am almost unable to feel any of my own pleasures. Why do I do it? Mainly because it’s good sex. There is no dissatisfaction or tension as our communication is crystal clear. Both she and I are utterly satisfied.”

To close off…

Chastity devices are subject to the same restrictions as other dom/sub relationship aspects. The sub agrees to give up control by donning a chastity device, and they are required to adore and obey the key holder at all times. The user will naturally express how long they are willing to wear the device, and communication is just as crucial as it is with any other sort of BDSM.

Except in cases of emergency, the wearer should never attempt to remove the device on their own. It is crucial to keep in mind that the reason you are imprisoned is to forego sexual pleasure. As a result, the wearer shouldn’t feel any orgasms, excitement, or other stimulation because their penis is now the owner’s property. It’s wise to inform the key holder of any and all chastity device-related experiences. They can choose the best course of action in this way.

Happy Chastity!

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