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Top 12 Sex Toys for Couples

Personally, we think it is preposterous to live in the 21st century and not take full advantage of the myriad of eccentric, erotic, and efficient toys that have graced us by the combined forces of capitalism and the 4th industrial revolution. 

As always, however, with great power comes great responsibility- make sure to actively address your partner’s needs and ensure active consent. Even apart from the emotionally cumbersome conversations about bringing a sex toy into your relationship, there are quite a few obstacles to investing in a sex toy and we’ve got a guide for them all be it selecting lubricants or general TLC for your sex toy. While you may be excited to try out sex toys, the wide variety in the market could leave you confused, and even lost or misguided – if you are not looking at the right place. It’s a commonly believed myth that sex toys for women are more easily available than sex toys for men. However, at Manzuri, we ensure to create an inclusive space where all individuals can find something or the other to enhance their pleasure!

This piece, however, is strictly to highlight our star products – the generous givers and versatile team players you absolutely HAVE to test with your partner/s ASAP!

1. Prostate massager for men

A prostate massager is the perfect little aid to take your sex to the next level.

The prostate is essentially the (cis) male version of the g-spot and enhances the orgasms felt by your partner. When we say enhance, we really mean it. Prostate orgasms can be felt throughout your body- definitely worth the investment!  Not to mention how erotic it can be to insert, as you slowly build the tension through other kinds of stimulation.

Manzuri Prostate Massager #2

We recommend: 

Manzuri’s Prostate Massager #2

Our community loves this massager because of how easy it is to use while engaging in penetrative sex. The shape ensures a snug fit. The cherry at the top is that this toy itself doesn’t just stick to the perineum for stability, it stimulates it with vibration as well!

2. Strap ons

Strap-ons are great because they allow everyone-regardless of genitalia to engage in penetrative sex. Whether you wish to try pegging your partner or are facing an issue similar to ED, strap-ons are the answer to your woes!   

We recommend: 

The OG BBC Ripple is one of our bestsellers because of its chic look and 7 vibration modes! The variety of vibration modes makes it a perfect fit for everyone looking to have some fun, just press the button and switch the mode to cater to your needs! At 6.7 inches, this toy is sized just right – even Goldilocks would agree!

3. Wireless eggs 

You know when you’re out with your partner, and there’s that tension and excitement in the air? You want to tease them, touch them, or simply make them squeeze their thighs to contain the pleasure, but you can’t do it since you are in a public setting. Wireless eggs let you act on that impulse, heightening foreplay in a manner that infinitely enhances the release. 

Wireless eggs add layers of excitement to your sex life. These little toys can be inserted either into the anus or vagina, or both (if you are feeling rather bold) and their vibration can be controlled by remote control or even your smartphone! This is especially useful for composure tests and public teasing. Go on, challenge your partner to stay still while you play with different sensations!

The Fish Egg Wireless Vibrator

We recommend: 

Dory is a crowd favorite for her low-noise vibration (discreet and silent, just like you want in a public setting) and sleek remote control that can operate from a distance of up to 10 meters. Part of the mechanism lies snugly against a female’s clit while the majority of it is inserted for g-spot stimulation (Double stimulation will definitely make you or your partner hot and aroused!)

4. Bondage kit 

If you are looking to dip your toes in the BDSM scene, bondage kits are a treasure trove with a host of options for you to explore! These kits are quite comprehensive and give you a taste of a spectrum of toys, which will help you and your partner explore and try out all your BDSM fantasies and kinks.

Bondage Kit for Couples

We recommend: 

50 Shades of Pink is a carefully curated kit that includes everything from a whip to a feather, clamps, and handcuffs- and even a gag! This kit has toys ranging from mild to intense – begin with less intense toys such as feathers and move your way up to the more intense toys as you get comfortable. Mix and match with various sensations, heighten or mute a sensory organ- the options are endless!

5. Bedroom Games  

It can be easy to slip into a routine with foreplay- which is a great reflection of your comfort level but can slowly turn your sex life boring. Bedroom games are an easy vanilla way to spice things up and have some fun while you are at it!

Foreplay Dice Games for Couples

We recommend: 

Sexy dice is a particularly popular game – easy to play and easier to hide in any corner of your house. Just roll the dice, and perform the function written on one dice on the body part written on the other. For those who love all things oral, you are in for some amazing oral pleasure. This game will help you explore all those hot spots on your partner’s body with your mouth, leading to combinations that are either wildly erotic or incredibly amusing- for instance, kissing on their neck, or sucking on toes!

6. Finger vibrators

Do you ever wish you could get your girl off the way her vibrator can? Or struggle to position her vibrator just right while you do your own thing? Or wish you could multitask perfectly to perform deep penetration along with clit stim as the garnish on top?

Ms Lady Finger Vibrator

We recommend: 

Ms Lady Finger is the answer you didn’t even know you were looking for! This tiny but titillating toy is easy to hide, carry and travel with! It’s even easier to use, just slip them on your fingers, and add to the sensations you’re delivering. This is perfect for that extra clitoral stimulation- and can help lead to g-spot orgasms as well!

7. Massage oil

Looking for relaxation and foreplay? Massages are your go-to! Massages are a relaxing intimate activity whose appeal is only heightened by luxurious massage oils. These oils reduce friction, leading to more effective massages- and the aroma adds to the soothing effect! Additionally, the oils work similarly to lubricants by increasing sensitivity.


Sensual Massage Oil

We recommend:

Honeydew and Lavender Massage Oils

Even if you aren’t looking for a ~happy ending~ these oils are bound to enhance the quality time between you and your partner. Not only will they make your partner feel relaxed and loved, but they will also set the mood for some sexy time! You can use the oil as it is or heat it up (lukewarm) and pour it over your partner’s body – belly, back, chest, nipples neck, butt, or breasts to tease their pleasure zones with added sensations! The warm soothing massage effortlessly soothes sore muscles, all while creating a luxurious environment with its aroma.

8. Bullet vibes 

Bullet vibrators are the mascots for the phrase “tiny but mighty”. Their ability to provide intense powerful orgasms from their range of vibration settings, as well as their chic but discreet design have won the hearts of Manzuri’s community.


Jet Bullet Vibrator


We recommend:

Jet Bullet Vibrator

With a sleek, matte-black design, the Jet is the short, dark, and handsome +1 you need for the ideal menage a trois. Its size makes it easy to use for added clitoral stimulation during penetrative vaginal sex, and the 10-speed options make it suitable for everyone – from people looking for tiny bursts of pleasure to those who want an intense, full-blown experience! Shop now to finally get to experience those movie-like synchronous orgasms.

9. Penis sleeves/extenders

Penis sleeves allow both partners to feel the same motions of sex in entirely new ways. The sleeve adds vibrations, girth, and length for the recipient, while also providing texture and vibration to the wearer, making it one of the more versatile sex toys for men. This sleeve is the equivalent to that squeeze of lime over a plate of kebabs- it tastes good without it, but once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back!

We recommend: 

C*** Extension Penis Sleeve – with Vibration

This sleeve is easy to wear, and the loop that stabilizes it around your scrotum adds to your pleasure as well. Not to mention, the controls are incredibly easy to set up – leading to a hassle-free user experience.

10. Chastity cage 

If orgasm control is your kink- chastity devices are about to change your life! With a lock around the cage that only you have the key to –  there’s no way your partner can get themselves off without your explicit consent. A game-changer when it comes to edging and constraint and bondage –  the chastity cage for men can serve all your kinks!

Note: we definitely recommend keeping the spare key in an accessible location if you feel uncomfortable and want to discontinue immediately or in case of emergencies, similar to the manner in which safe words ought to be used when indulging in such play. 

Male Penis Chastity Cage

We recommend: 

Don’t get spooked by its look, the Happy Houdini is named that way for a reason. Its ring has up to 6 sizes to accommodate varying sizes comfortably- further, the 3 spacers provide ample sizing options to create distance between the ring and cage. Lastly, the cage has a hole at the top to allow for urination as well as a hollow and breathable design.

11. Cock rings 

Cock rings have gained their reputation for their look as well as their ability to enhance pleasure for both partners. The ring itself constricts blood flow to the erection- leading to a harder, longer-lasting erection followed by a more intense orgasm that can be felt throughout the body. Further, rings with beads or bunny ears can also stimulate the clitoris of a (female) partner. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they look hot as hell!

Ejaculation Delayer Beaded Cock Ring Set

We recommend: 

The Ejaculation Delayer Beaded Cock Ring Set is everything you could possibly dream of. A pack of 3 rings of varying sizes ensures something for every size of erection and sensation. Choose the largest size to maximize sensation by placing the ring over your shaft and scrotum. 

12. Anal Plugs  

You didn’t think we would write an entire article about sex toys for couples, and leave out anal play, did you? Anal play makes it to almost everyone’s sexual bucket list. Anal plugs are the easiest most exciting way to go about it. You can get accustomed to it during your solo sessions, and then pull it out for more fulfilling (pun intended) sex with your partner!

Anal Screw Butt Plug

We recommend

The Bootilicious 2 isn’t just the cutest toy around (check out the jewel stopper!) but the screw adds layers of sensation at both the points of insertion and removal. Just make sure to lube up before you go to town! 

This all-inclusive list of sex toys for couples will surely jazz up your sex lives! Make your pick, or choose multiple sex toys to mix and match if you are feeling adventurous! While you may experience pleasure like never before, and may not care for anything besides your toy and joy, we must remind you to take a few safety measures. Make sure you are adequately lubricated – the more the better (use a lube that is compatible with your sex toy as well as a condom), protect against STIs and pregnancies, and once again, make sure all parties have consented before you lose yourself in the orgasmic experience that awaits you!

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