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How to introduce a sex toy into your relationship

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You are thus already well acquainted with the fascinating world of pleasure goods. Certain feelings that could not otherwise be achieved are made available by sex toys. For instance, the tongue of your partner cannot vibrate no matter how quickly they flick it. Your lover has so many hands, and certain pleasure goods may be utilized hands-free regardless of how expert they are with their hands on your erogenous zones.

Couples can break routines with the use of sex toys. You should learn how to use a sex toy in your relationship as soon as possible because sex routines can frequently result in strange sex ruts.

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But fret not, we are here to help, as always, so read on!

Why do people hesitate to use sex toys with partners?

The reluctance is frequently caused, at least in part, by ingrained notions that sex is about two individuals satisfying each other’s physical needs, while toys are for solo play.

Marketing that presents toys as substitutes for missing partners or fixes for sexual issues is ineffective. It causes people to see interest in toys as an assault on their sexual performance or as sexual competition, especially straight cis guys who rarely play with toys. (They most certainly are not.) We see that among our clients, people are always concerned with appearing odd. No matter how close a couple is, individuals automatically assume what their partners enjoy or dislike and avoid bringing it up or taking action.

Tips to introduce a sex toy to your partner

Find your 5-step, Manzuri-approved guide to using a sex toy in the bed below.

  1. Make sexual conversation in your relationship a norm.
    If you and your spouse often discuss sex, think about how much simpler it would be to bring up the subject of incorporating sex toys into your relationship. So the next time you’re doing a partnered sex act, compliment your partner on how they felt while performing it or how attractive they were while performing it. These inquiries are crucial because they will prepare you and your spouse for discussions about the sorts of sensations you love, improvements you may make to your sex life, and other topics.
  1. Talk in detail about using a sex toy.
    Introduce the concept of pleasure items whenever you feel comfortable discussing sex in general. Because pulling a vibrator out of your bed and hoping for the best in the middle of a situation is not a sensible (or courteous) decision. It is also not acceptable from the standpoint of consent. You must provide a place where your partner can refuse. Uncertain about what to say? Avoid using blame-filled, humiliating, or dissatisfying words. Instead, focus the conversation on the enjoyment and excitement the toy could provide for the two of you.

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  1. Be very explicit about the item you want to try.
    Vibrators alone come in more than seven distinct varieties; dildos, strokers, nipple clamps, and floggers, among others, are all considered sex toys. If you don’t be explicit in your talk, it’s highly conceivable that when you agree to use a sex toy, you may be seeing a sword-shaped dildo while your spouse is picturing a vibrating cock ring. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you and your partner agree on the kind of toy you want to test out.

    Learn about the many sex-toy categories by browsing an online sex shop’s inventory. Regardless of whether you are shopping offline or online, make a decision list while you browse. This will get you and your partner used to talking about sex toys and will help you start to narrow down the kind of sex toy you want to try.

  1. After, discuss your experience
    After using the gadget, keep honing your talking about sex abilities. After sex, it’s crucial that you and your partner talk about the toy, evaluate what went well, and discuss any areas that could require improvement or help.
  1. Keep going and keep learning
    It’s hoped that using your sex toy with your bed partner gave you both new levels of gratification, but keep in mind that utilizing sex devices with a partner has a learning curve. So, if you spent money on a toy and afterward decided you didn’t like it, give it another chance. Using it over your underpants, in a new location, on a different body part, or with a different lubricant or arousal oil are all things you might want to try. Using it while masturbating might also help you figure out what makes you feel wonderful.

Before You Buy A Sex Toy

  1. Be ready for the awkwardness since talking about this may be awkward
    Big talk: If you mention using vibrators in the bedroom, your spouse can feel very intimidated or insulted. Despite being outmoded and unpleasant, there is some ingrained nervousness over sex devices. It’s as if telling your lover they aren’t good enough by wanting to use a vibrator in the bedroom – so not right to say this.

    Don’t only think about yourself and your sex demands. This can make your partner uncomfortable and put them on the defensive. Discuss topics that pertain to both of you. Be prepared for a heated response and approach the subject with sensitivity. Discuss the reasons for your attraction to something honestly and openly. Describe it as being novel, entertaining, and a touch kooky to your companion. Keep in mind that vibrators are beneficial to more than just you. When used on the perineum, ball sack, and tip of the penis, they provide a great deal of pleasure. The same goes for your spouse if they have a vulva and have never used a vibrator before.

  1. Be prepared to go alone if you offer to go shopping with someone
    Whether you have a sizable collection of sex toys or not (congrats!), it is preferable to get something new if your spouse is upset about using one. A used toy may evoke a variety of strong emotions, especially when it has been used with previous partners. Because there are so many possibilities for sex toys and safe sites to buy them, shopping for them online can calm them down. Be ready to be gunned down while out shopping. It might simply be too much. First-time sex toy use might be a little unsettling, but it’s OK and natural.
  1. Choose a dildo that is not a giant monster.
    A frightening, veiny, Rabbit vibrator with a lifelike penis is the last thing you want to bring home to an anxious lover. To begin with, pick a non-threatening activity. It should be fun and thrilling rather than fearful. Try to arouse interest rather than fear. When in doubt, pick a sex toy that hardly even resembles one. Better toys are those that are quieter. You want something that is more “cute” than overtly sexual, in a non-fleshy hue.

    The ease with which you can be released will astound your spouse. I want to thank you in advance.

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  1. Concentrate on enjoyable exploration.
    Keep the activity focused on you and your spouse when you bring the sex toy into bed. Your best buddy will be verbal affirmation, um, we mean, dirty talk. Tell your spouse how turned on you are and how amazing they are making you feel. You want the item to be a component of the experience, not its main focus. Don’t forget to tell your lover how much you adore their penis, vulva, and physique. Try to avoid bringing up the toy. You can use the toy on yourself or direct your partner’s hand to your trouble regions. They could be willing to frequently include sex toys if they notice how much fun you’re having.

To peace out…

Being able to laugh at the toy and yourself will help you cope with the inevitable failure of some of your trials. Good toys are not inexpensive, so this may be irritating. However, you may discover helpful recommendations online for body-safe, practical devices that will let you play extensive rounds of exploration with a partner without going over budget. And keep in mind that even when things don’t go as planned or flawlessly, it’s all a part of the trip you’re on with your spouse and can help you get closer.

That’s all, then! You’ll be well on your way into the vast and lovely world of toy-enhanced partnered sex if you follow these easy, adaptable steps.

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