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How to Pick the Right Sex Toy for You and Your Partner

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Every relationship at some point needs some extra fun and excitement to jazz up your sex life! And what better way than using sex toys? Sex toys have something to offer to everyone – from a long-term couple looking to reignite the fire in bed, to a new couple finding ways to have more fun and try out new stuff – sex toys can do it all!

Once you are done having ‘the talk’ and have successfully decided that you and your partner will be trying out sex toys, here comes the tricky bit – picking the right sex toy! While it is important that you choose a toy that serves you well, and is in line with your and your partner’s needs, you must also ensure that it is body-safe and does not contain any potentially harmful material or substance! Now, we didn’t mean to scare you. It’s not too difficult when you take one step at a time, and that’s what we’re here for! Here are some steps, and tips to guide you through the sex toy shopping process!

Communication is Key!

Communication is one of the most important steps, which considerably increases your chances of picking the right sex toys for you and your partner. How will you know what to buy without discussing what you want? With the abundance of variety in sex toys for couples online, it is only natural for you to get overwhelmed and confused, and in need of help, that’s what we are here for! Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your partner to make the right choice!

  • Is the sex toy to be used on one particular partner or both?
  • Which body part do you want to stimulate? (eg: vagina, penis, anus, nipples, prostate, etc)
  • What kind of stimulation are you looking for? (eg: penetration, vibration, BDSM, foreplay)
  • Do you want to try changing roles, using strap-ons, or dildos?
  • Do you plan on using it in the shower, or underwater?
  • Are you wondering how to spice up a long-distance relationship sexually? If yes, you must go for wireless, app-controlled toys.
  • How many questions have you and your partner agreed on so far? If less than 5, then you must reconsider your choices to find a middle ground!

Shop with your Partner

While your partner may not be too keen to go out shopping for groceries, electronics, or other usual stuff, sex toys will definitely catch their interest! Yes yes, we know, there aren’t many offline reliable stores for sex toys in India, and it can be quite awkward to be caught entering the store (if you do manage to find one) by your distant uncle, or your nosy neighbour! Thanks to technology and development, you don’t even need to leave your bed or put on your clothes to buy something which will have you in the same state – naked, in bed! It was an easy guess, we are talking about online shopping. Not only is it safe, hassle-free, and discreet, but it also gives a whole lot of options from various different stores.

Moreover, when you shop for this intimate item with your partner, you will bond better with them. Communicating better, considering and caring for each other needs, talking about all the ways you would use the sex toy, and waiting in excitement for the sex toy to finally arrive will definitely reignite the sparks. According to a study, simply purchasing a sex toy with your partner is linked to increased and improved communication! Imagine exciting will the actual experience be when just buying the sex toy is so much fun!

Begin with the Basics

Collection of sex toys including rabbit vibrators, dildos, anal buttplugs, and more.

Whether you are a beginner when it comes to sex toys, have just started seeing someone, or are new to using sex toys with your partner, it’s best to start with the basics! While you may have a lot of things in mind and may want to try out the most adventurous stuff, starting out with the basic toys may help you ease into it (for instance, you may want to start out with a gentle butt plug, before using a vibrating dildo for anal penetration), especially if you have any anxieties and reservations about the same! But if you are pretty confident, and more importantly, well informed and have done your research, then go for it! What always works for both parties is (like we said earlier), communication! Having a detailed conversation with your partner helps both of you understand each other’s desires, boundaries, limits, and worries, which in turn helps you pace the experience and ensure that both parties are comfortable.

The Sex Toy Checklist

Before you make the purchase, there are a few things you need to consider! This checklist will help you choose the best sex toys for couples!

  • Material
    We can’t say this enough – only use toys made with body-safe materials! You wouldn’t want your partner, or yourself to end up with a bad case of rash, infection, or itching episode. Ensuring that your sex toys are made of safe materials is important to maintain your and your partner’s safety. These are the harmful chemicals you want to keep an eye on (by that, we mean ‘drop the toy as soon as you spot one of these) are Timethytin chloride, Phenol, Carbon disulfide, Toluene, and Admium, and some materials you must absolutely avoid are jelly, rubber, PVC, and vinyl! The best materials, when it comes to sex toys are body-safe silicone, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and lucite!
  • Budget
    Finding the right toy under a low budget may be quite a task, but we strongly suggest against compromising on the material and safety! Since sex toys are usually durable and can last at least a couple of years (as long as you take good care of them), they are worth splurging on – we don’t mean you need to buy the most expensive toy in the store, or get something premium and exclusive, we mean it’s okay to rework your budget and invest in a good quality sex toy!
  • Battery and Charging
    Just like us, humans, sex toys get drained after engaging in some play (although not as soon as we do). Electronic sex toys are either battery-operated or rechargeable, with each type having its perks and cons, you can make your pick based on your preferences and needs!
  • Design
    You might want to consider investing in a sex toy with a silent design if you live with your family and would like to keep the volume down, or a waterproof toy if you plan on taking it to the shower, bathtub, beach, or pool!
  • Safe and Tested
    By now you already know, that we only support safe sex toys, and you should too! Check if the toys are safe and tested and buy them from a trusted source. Who wants to be scammed, definitely not you! Here are the green flags you should look for – Safe payments, SSL security, body-safe silicone, express delivery, discreet packaging, and 100% legal (P.S. Mansuri has all of them!).
  • TLC
    Since you are reading up so much about your coveted toy, you might as well read about how to love it! Opt for lubes that are compatible with your toy, read: Lube It Up: All you need to know about lube to know more! Moreover, your toys need regular cleaning and sanitizing to keep the bacteria away and make them last long (pun intended!). Here’s How To Take Care of Your Sex Toys!

Hot tips

hot tip

We believe you are now ready to proceed to the field and informed enough to make the right pick, but since we love you, and would want you to have the best of toys for you and your partner, we decided to drop some hot tips, to make things hotter in bed! Read on!

  • Who said long distances can’t be sexually interesting? Seems like you haven’t heard of a chastity cage, wireless vibrator, app-operated anal plugs, automatic fleshlights, an app-controlled vibrating egg, or the classic – online sexting! These sex toys for long-distance couples will surely spice things up for both of you, regardless of where you are! (Read: A Guide to Being Virtually Intimate)
  • If you are looking for BDSM products, we suggest you invest in a bondage kit to get the best of BDSM toys!
  • If you want to make a fun addition to your sex toy collection, or simply want to keep things subtle and sensual, the foreplay dice is the best pick!
  • Use Condoms when switching holes to stay safe and to make cleaning extra easy!
  • Lube is the third wheel you absolutely need! It helps ease any penetration and avoids micro cuts and tears. When going through the backdoor, use plenty of lube, more is less!
  • Wash and clean the toys before and after use to ensure maximum hygiene and safety!
  • And lastly, if you need a quick, easy, and reliable way to choose the best sex toy, or neither of you like decision-making, let us do the shortlisting for you! Here are the Top 12 Sex Toys for Couples for you to choose from.

We believe you are now ready to search through sex toys for couples and make your purchase, and while you wait for your bundle of pleasure to arrive, make the most of that time and read up on Sex Toys for Couples: From Start to (Grand) Finish! Happy shopping!

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